We take care of full system design, offering free technical advice via in-house experts, exceptional customer service (rated 9/10 by over 97% of customers) and provide a complete package with all components included, ready to install. We take our business and your project seriously, which is why we offer after sales support to all of our customers.
  What's included?
A variety of different components are used in a Nu-Heat underfloor heating system. Please read more to find out what your system will include. [ read more ]

How UFH works
Underfloor heating works by pumping controlled flows of warm water from a boiler, or other heat source, through plastic tubing embedded in the floor. Because the emitting area is large, the warmth provided is quite sufficient even on a cold winter day without the need for any extra heat source. This method is well suited to all normal floor types solid or timber. [ read more ]

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