Offering you the very best service


Nu-Heat recently participated in the UK’s largest benchmarking study with the Institute of Customer Service and the results show that our service is on par with (or even better than!) some of the most customer-centric companies in the country.

Feedback from our customers, collected independently by the ICS, gave us an overall score of 88.8 out of 100 on the UK Customer Satisfaction Index – an incredible result that shows everyone at Nu-Heat is committed to providing an excellent level of service. For comparison, other top scoring companies included Amazon with 86.6, First Direct with 85 and John Lewis with 84.9. Customers frequently described Nu-Heat as ‘professional’, ‘efficient’ and ‘reliable’ and our team as ‘knowledgeable’, ‘friendly’ and ‘informative’.

Nu-Heat is dedicated to continuously improving what we offer our customers, so even with this fantastic result we will carry on looking for ways to deliver an even better service. Every piece of feedback we receive – whether positive or negative – is logged on our system to help us achieve our goal of creating happy customers who are proud to own a Nu-Heat system. If you would like to leave us any feedback, give us a call or email us at You can also leave feedback via our email footer – just select your chosen smiley to write your comments.

Customer feedback from July 2016:

“I’m very impressed with the attentive and professional attitude of all your staff.”

“Alec, my Account Manager, got a quote to me in super quick time so that we can progress the work. Thanks!”

“To say that we are impressed with Nu-Heat UFH would be an understatement. The guys fitting the UFH said that it is great quality. I have to say, the entire process was superb from start to finish. I am so pleased I chose Nu-Heat.”

“It is this kind of support that makes a company great.”

“Please send our sincere thanks to Holly for talking us through the options so clearly. We were very impressed with her knowledge. Also thank you to David for coming over to explain your systems.”

Meet the team – Technical Support

Nu-Heat’s Technical Team provide support to all types of customer – whether you’re an installer out on site, or a homeowner who has just bought a property with a Nu-Heat system already installed.

The Technical Support Team are all highly qualified, having all completed relevant industry courses. They know Nu-Heat’s systems inside-out and are ready to answer every call as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Let’s find out a bit more about the team and why they like working at Nu-Heat…

Nu-Heat's Technical Team, from left to right: Steven, Nigel (Technical Administrator), Paul, Dean (Technical Support Manager), John & Ollie
Nu-Heat’s Technical Team, from left to right: Steven, Nigel (Technical Administrator), Paul, Dean (Technical Support Manager), John & Ollie
How long have you been at Nu-Heat and what did you do before?

Dean: 17 years! I joined as a Warehouse Operative, working my way up to Warehouse Operations Manager. The experience I gained gave me the opportunity to become the Technical Support Manager a couple of years ago.

Paul: I have been at Nu-Heat for 8 years now, starting out in the Design Team, and have 38 years’ experience in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heating industry.

John: I’ve been part of the Tech Team for 6 years. Prior to that I was a pipe fitter, plumber and an estate agent.

Ollie: Just under 9 years. I spent the majority of that time working in dispatch before joining the Technical Team 6 months ago. I’ve completed all of the NICEIC courses that Nu-Heat offers as well as an electrical and PAT testing course.

Nigel: Over 5 years. I spent 28 years in photography straight from school, then worked in a wide range of admin roles involving street mapping for Huntingdon Council, then the Plastic Surgeon, then South West Water and now here.

Steven: I’m the newest member of the team having joined 8 months ago. I started in the warehouse before moving across to Technical. Beforehand I was a delivery driver and a fitness instructor.

What do you like about Nu-Heat and being a part of the Technical Support Team?

Paul: I enjoy helping customers and installers overcome problems and issues. I love problem solving and the fact that I never know what the day will bring.

Dean: I really enjoy the challenge of turning a customer’s negative experience into a positive one. I’m part of Nu-Heat’s customer service strategy team and am heavily involved with customer service decisions which I really enjoy. Supporting the team to ensure we provide the best customer experience and aftercare is a passion of mine and one I always strive to improve.

Nigel: The variety of things to do each day within my Technical Administrator role. No two days are the same!

Steven: Everyone at Nu-Heat is friendly and helpful. The products are all of a really high standard.

Ollie: I enjoy solving problems and learning new things. It’s a pleasure helping customers who call us 10 years after their installation asking for support. Thanks to our fantastic computer system, I can pull up their name and project details on the screen to help with their query.

John: Nu-Heat is a forward thinking, progressive company. Working in Technical is always a challenge as no two installations are the same.

Do you have a favourite product, or can you give an example of support you have given that sticks with you?

Ollie: Favourite product would be the new SmartStat. I’m a geek and love technology so to have an all-in-one stat that is so simple to fit and then control your heating from your phone is great.

Paul: I’m proud of all the products and with each customer I supply a satisfactory outcome to.

John: Difficult to pick a favourite product but LoPro™Max and LoPro™10 would have to be in the top 3!

Dean: LoPro™10 is a great product and one that has excited a lot of customers. It’s a great way to retrofit and is a product we can be very proud of. In terms of support, I recently helped resolve an issue with a faulty heat pump at a children’s nursery. Because of the high importance, I took the decision to send one of our engineers out to swap the unit for a new one within 5 days. This prevented the nursery from closing and gave us time to test the faulty unit here at our premises. This is the level of service we pride ourselves on and it was really appreciated by the customer.

Steve: The new and improved OneZone™ kits with SmartStat. They are really simple to install and the stats are easy to use. They offer great value for money!

Expansion joints & underfloor heating

When the screed over an underfloor heating system dries, you can expect it to expand and contract with the changes in temperature. In order to protect the floor, and prevent it from cracking, expansion joints should be fitted during installation.

Expansion joints UFH

What are they?

An expansion joint can be easily made out of Nu-Heat’s edge insulation or any other flexible material, cutting holes around the tube position.

The purpose of an expansion joint is to allow movement to happen within the screed floor, releasing any stress build up to avoid cracking.

When should I use expansion joints?

For both liquid anhydrite and sand and cement screeds, expansion joints should be placed in high stress areas – these are where large areas are in contact with smaller ones e.g. in L or T shaped rooms. Expansion strips should also be used where UFH tube passes through doorways.

In sand and cement screed floors, expansion joints should be fitted when the surface area of the screed is great than 40m² or within any single length of screed greater than 8m.

What is expansion sleeving?

Expansion sleeving also prevents any stresses from building up in the tube to avoid damage. It should be placed around any piece of UFH tube that runs through an expansion joint (300mm either side).

Download our Screed Floors Information Sheet for more info.