Nu-Heat increases online support

In order to enhance our customer service offering, Nu-Heat now has an email support line to help with non-urgent enquiries for existing systems.

The email service allows you to contact our Technical Support team directly for assistance with:

  • Requests for manuals and/or system drawings
  • Help with thermostat diagnostics
  • General technical questions
  • Advice on suitable replacement parts

Contact with the nature of your enquiry and any relevant photographs and a member of the tech team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Nu-Heat has also introduced a direct phone line to our Technical Support team for more complex enquiries.  The dedicated technical support line is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday: 01404 540745.

Read our online help guides, including frequently asked questions and information on how to download User Guides here.

Introducing the Annual Service Scheme for Hitachi ASHPs

Nu-Heat has developed an exclusive new option for owners of an Hitachi heat pump system – an Annual Service Scheme.

Owners of Hitachi heat pumps purchased through Nu-Heat and commissioned more than 12 months ago will now be able to sign up for on-going maintenance and support for their system, with the option to add an annual solar thermal service. Nu-Heat will also conduct a free underfloor heating health check, allowing you, the installer to concentrate on more lucrative, new installation projects.

The Nu-Heat Annual Service Scheme is offered exclusively to Nu-Heat customers and delivered by a team of fully trained engineers approved by our suppliers.

Nu-Heat engineers can modify system settings and show customers how to understand and operate system controls to achieve maximum efficiency and realistic system performance.

Most manufacturer warranties require an annual system service in order for it to remain active – this service contract fulfils that criterion.

Key benefits to installers

  • Reduction in the number of free call-outs you, the installer has to make
  • Reassurance for your customers that they will not incur unexpected charges
  • Reduction in the number of phone queries you will receive as Nu-Heat will provide free telephone support direct to your customers
  • UFH servicing is not available – we leave this to you, the original installer, we just do a free health check

What support is in place for new renewables installers?

Any heating & plumbing engineer thinking about taking the plunge into the world of renewable energy faces the challenges of learning about the new technologies and being able to supply an efficient system to customers.

So what is available in the way of support for those who want to make renewables installation a really effective part of their future business growth?

Nu-Heat has spent the last six months looking at what renewables installers need in order to offer a positive support package that covers all elements.

Installer Rob Smith of BSP Services gives his insights into what this support has meant for his company.

Training and MCS

“When we started out, I spoke to MCS directly and afterwards knew it would be very difficult to achieve accreditation and that there was a massive paper cycle involved. But I also realised that without MCS, renewable heating just wouldn’t take off.”

Installers tend to believe that the MCS is difficult to navigate and time-consuming to adhere to. MCS accreditation is, however, a valid requirement as it helps to ensure that renewable heating systems are installed to high standards and that the customer ends up with an efficient system.

Nu-Heat helped BSP Services to achieve MCS accreditation and has since developed a relationship with MCS training provider, Easy MCS, to assist other installers in the same situation. Easy MCS provides MCS accreditation support and an MCS quality management system that contains all required internal and external procedures and paperwork.


“The amount of information and design detail given by Nu-Heat makes it easy for me to explain the solution to my customers and in turn all parties are confident in the system being installed.”

First rate design is absolutely crucial, both for performance and to ensure that a system meets the criteria of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Nu-Heat’s experience as a design and supply company can give new installers total confidence in system performance.

Sizing is crucial with heat pumps and high level design support is available through Nu-Heat’s ‘Predictor’, a specialist software programme that ensures the correct heat pump is specified.

Free technical support is available throughout the installation period and when a system is ready, Nu-Heat offers inclusive commissioning support, including inspection of heat pump system prior to MCS inspection.


“We do a system handover with all of our customers. A lot of them are monitoring their electricity consumption and are interested in the flow and return temperatures, which I think helps them understand the technology better. They are happy to talk about their projects with potential BSP customers because they are pleased with the decisions they have made, representing both BSP and Nu-Heat well.”

Handover is an important time as it is crucial that customers are comfortable with the operation of their new heating system; therefore, Nu-Heat supplies installers with a comprehensive customer handover pack that fulfils a large part of the MCS requirement for each installation.

Relationship with installers

“Nu-Heat has a great reputation but doesn’t rest on its laurels, and is good at listening to our comments.” 

All sales staff involved with technical support have now been trained to an even higher technical level than before and have gained experience with the more complex technical issues associated with renewable systems and the MCS, and installers now have a direct telephone number for their account manager.

Field Sales Managers

“Customers will be understandably nervous when they are investing in a renewable heating system, and when it’s your first install it’s difficult to assure them how good it will be.”

Particularly for an installer starting off down the renewables route, it is useful to know that support is available from the word go. Field Sales Managers (FSM) will meet with installers to discuss all aspects of renewables, from training and accreditation to legislative issues. When the installer has achieved MCS accreditation, the FSM assists them in finding new business and supports them through the first install, from initial discussions with customers to commissioning.

A bespoke referral system matches enquiries for installation to a local installer with a proven track record. This is a two-way partnership, and as these customers increase the number of systems purchased from Nu-Heat, they can expect to receive more referral work.

“I have dealt with other companies in the past but found there to be a lack of experience in system integration.  Many are happy to sell you a heat pump and let you figure out the rest. I really like that my Nu-Heat Account Manager listens to me and that we look through a project together and end up with a system that has been designed to, and will meet, the criteria.”  

Rob Smith says that the support he has received gave him a real kick-start to get into the market. He sees a bright future in renewables and is pleased to be trained and accredited at this early stage, ready to handle increasing enquiries as the market grows.

Nu-Heat’s installer service is not far off a perfect 10!

Nu-Heat recently commissioned a survey from Power Marketing, a specialist marketing and market research consultancy, to gain a better understating of how Nu-Heat is viewed by trade customers post-sale and to identify areas for improvement in customer service and product supply.

The survey was conducted over a six-month period and taken by 173 installers, including a mix of Nu-Heat Registered Installers and current purchasing plumbing and heating customers.

The results were very encouraging and showed that over a twelve month period 74% of installers made repeat purchases, with 31% of the 173 installers purchasing complete systems more than five times within the last year.

When rating individual aspects of Nu-Heat’s service, Technical Support came out on top, not far off a perfect 10, with an outstanding score of 9.91, with many installers noting that the level of technical knowledge possessed by the Nu-Heat team added value to the service they had received.  An average rating of 9 out of 10 was achieved for the overall service provided by Nu-Heat to trade customers.

“The technical support provided by Nu-Heat is second to none which is why I continue to work with them year after year.”

Reference is often made to the service and support we offer trade customers, so we are thrilled that 98% of those surveyed would recommend us to a colleague or friend, largely due to a positive company experience with Nu-Heat.

“I have been dealing with Nu-Heat for a decade and they have always been excellent.”

Nu-Heat would like to thank all those who completed the survey; the information has been invaluable in terms of the on-going development and roll-out of the company’s installer strategy. 

Moving forward Nu-Heat will continue to obtain feedback from its key customers.

 “I recommend Nu-Heat because of their excellent product knowledge and integrated solutions.”

“Nu-Heat is a much organised company; they’re great to deal with.”

“Nu-Heat is a professional service with good quality products and clear and concise manuals.”

“Nu-Heat’s full design service makes every job nice and easy!”