Getting creative with new LoPro™Max

The Account Managers and marketing team at Nu-Heat have been busy talking to homeowners and installers to find out what they think of our new retrofit underfloor heating solution, LoPro™Max.

The feedback has been fantastic, with comments on how quick and simple it is to install.  It’s even left homeowners looking forward to the winter!

We wanted to show everyone out there all of the benefits LoPro™Max offers to both homeowners and installers, and so put together a new video.  It features our very own Product Development Manager, Heather, as well as a couple who have had LoPro™Max installed and Intoto Kitchens, a company that love recommending and working with the system.  You’ll also see some catchy animation on the great features of LoPro™Max and the three key stages of installation.

Here’s the video, we hope you like it!

See how LoPro™Max is installed

New LoPro™Max is different to all the other retrofit underfloor heating (UFH) solutions on the market.  Our Product Development Team spent months researching and testing the product to offer a system that really does respond as quickly to a radiator and that can easily reach a heat output that’s 50% higher than other standard retrofit systems.

One of the key differences of LoPro™Max to all the other systems out there is that it’s a wet solution that uses our specialist self-levelling compound, LoPro™QuickSet.  The system utilises a robust castellated panel to hold the tube, simply laid over the existing floor.  Once the tube is installed and the system has been pressure tested, the compound is mixed and poured.

We’ve had feedback from installers, and they have all been impressed with how simple the system is to install – right up to finishing the compound stage.

See how LoPro™Max is installed in this step-by-step video:


Introducing fully designed LoPro®Max – the ultimate UFH solution for renovations

LoProMax being installed in a kitchen

Virtually any home can now enjoy the benefits of warm water underfloor heating thanks to LoPro®Max, an innovative new UFH system specifically developed by Nu-Heat for renovation projects.

Older properties, those being extended or renovated, and even those with lowers levels of insulation are now able to upgrade to an efficient, invisible heating system that will help towards keeping energy costs down.

The revolutionary new system features the highest heat output of any retrofit UFH system, easily reaching 120W/m², and offers fast response times equivalent to that of a radiator, all with a low height build-up of just 22mm.

LoPro®Max can be installed in a wide range of projects on both ground and upper floor levels over solid and timber sub-floors.  The system uses a vacuum-formed castellated panel to securely hold the floor heating tube in place before covering in a specialist self-levelling compound, LoPro®QuickSet.  The compound is highly conductive and provides a robust and perfectly level floor surface which can be walked on after just eight hours and is ready for tiling within 72 hours – good news if your project is on a tight schedule.  LoPro®Max is suitable for all floor finishes including tiles, limestone, marble, engineered timber and modern vinyls as well as carpet.

The system integrates seamlessly with any radiator circuit and is the perfect partner for modern gas, oil and LPG condensing boilers as well as heat pumps.

The low running costs of LoPro®Max are a major plus point for any homeowner when compared to an equivalent electric underfloor heating system.  For example, a 30m² electric underfloor system would cost approximately £720 per annum to run.  LoPro®Max  costs just £240 when working with a gas boiler – a huge saving of £480, or 30p per hour!

Nu-Heat creates a bespoke system design for every project as well as supplying everything you need to successfully install a LoPro®Max whole house system, including detailed design drawings, clear and concise manuals and LoPro®Quickset.  Support from the experienced Nu-Heat technical team over the phone is also available if needed.

Key features of LoPro®Max:

  • High heat output – up to 120W/m²
  • Super-fast response time – equivalent to that of a traditional radiator system
  • The easy-to-use self-levelling compound can be walked on after eight hours and provides a perfectly level surface ready for tiling within 72 hours
  • One third of the running cost of an electric UFH system
  • Virtually any floor covering can be applied over LoPro®Max
  • All this with a low height build up of just 22mm

LoPro®Max is also available in OneZone packs, a perfect solution for installing UFH in single areas such as extensions or bathrooms.  OneZones are available in sizes 5m²-60m² and can be ordered online here.

Find out more about LoPro®Max and the entire LoPro® range here or call or call 0800 7311976.