EnergyPro® Solar Thermal – new range, new price, same outstanding quality


Nu-Heat has introduced new Solar Thermal panels to their EnergyPro® range, offering installers the same outstanding quality at a lower price; 30% less than before!

A Solar Thermal system, such as EnergyPro®, uses solar panels to collect heat from the sun. The energy captured from this process is then used to heat water.  Solar energy is an unlimited resource that produces no harmful emissions and requires no transportation or supply pipelines.

Due to the increasing demand for Solar Thermal systems, Nu-Heat has utilised their buying power to purchase the new EnergyPro® Solar panels at a great price, passing savings back down to the customer.

Nu-Heat’s EnergyPro® Solar Thermal range is MCS certified and can be fitted independently or be integrated with an underfloor heating system and/or heat pumps. The flat plate panels are made by a leading European manufacturer and utilise the latest collector technology to maximise performance. All components are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested to the highest standard.

Installing a Nu-Heat EnergyPro® Solar Thermal system is quick and easy with the majority of properties not requiring planning permission to do so. The new EnergyPro® panels are also eligible for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) until March 2014 and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when fitted by an MCS approved installer.

Key features include:

  • Toughened safety glass
  • Roof surface-mounted and integral roof-mounted flat panels available
  • 10 year warranty on parts and labour
  • Eligible for RHPP and RHI
  • MCS and Solar Keymark certification

The financial support available to a homeowner through schemes such as the RHPP and the RHI are great reasons to recommend this technology to your customers.  A well engineered Solar Thermal system can generate up to 60% of a household’s domestic hot water needs on average – a major incentive for any homeowner.

Find out more about Nu-Heat’s EnergyPro® Solar Thermal range here.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for heat pumps & solar thermal

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme or MCS is often described as the renewables equivalent of Gas Safe. Although MCS is currently not a pre-requisite for installing a renewables system, it is an absolutely necessity if a homeowner wants to claim an income from the heat produced by the system under the proposed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a grant through the Renewable heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme or apply for Green Deal funding.

All relevant Nu-Heat heat pumps and solar thermal panels have MCS approval.

Up until 22nd October 2013 older (legacy) systems could still apply for the RHI/RHPP.  However, it is no longer possible to obtain an MCS certificate for older systems and new installations will have to be registered within 10 days of being fully installed and commissioned in order to qualify.

The ability to install renewable technologies under the MCS banner will provide an ideal opportunity to expand your business into a new and growing area of the market, and Nu-Heat can help you achieve this.

For more information contact your Account Manager on 01404 549770.

Want to know more about our UFH solutions & full product range? View our product information videos online.

We have sixteen videos on our You Tube channel that have been designed to showcase how our products and solutions work as well as who we are and what we do as a company.

Our product videos are a great way to show your customers how each of the technologies you install work and integrate and as a Nu-Heat Registered Installer you have the opportunity to use our videos by embedding them into your own website.

Gain without pain – Nu-Heat MCS support for installers

Nu-Heat knows that the effort and time involved in becoming MCS registered and then providing the paperwork for every renewables installation can be something that many installers do not enjoy, so we have come up with some support options:

For MCS registered installers

  • MCS compliant quotations
  • Planning permission qualification for ASHP through MCS020 permitted development rights and advice where needed as to what will be required by the local authority for planning permission
  • A comprehensive system Handover Pack containing as much of the relevant paperwork as possible to reduce the amount of time spent in the office. This includes:
    • A full set of installation manuals
    • Bespoke mechanical and electrical drawings
    • Full heat loss calculations
    • Customer energy summary document and star rating
    • Full commissioning documentation
    • Product warranty certificates
    • Health & safety information
    • Customer User Manuals

For installers without MCS registration

All of the above plus…

  • A commissioning support package that allows you to install the equipment to our criteria before a fully qualified and MCS registered Nu-Heat engineer thoroughly checks that the installation meets all of the MCS requirements before signing it off.
  • Production and issue of customer’s MCS certificate
  • System handover to the homeowner (if required)

Nu-Heat firmly supports MCS accreditation, viewing it as a positive direction for the renewables industry, allowing installers to make the most of the increasing opportunities of this growing market and purchasers of renewables systems the peace of mind that it has been installed to a high standard.

For more information contact the Sales Team or your Account Manager on 01404 549770 or 0800 731 1976.