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Nu-Heat’s Design Team pick up a project after your quote has been agreed with an Account Manager.

Initially they will be in contact to confirm all of the specific details and to obtain a greater level of information in order to be able to complete an accurate system design.

The team deal with a wide range of project types and successfully design unique, bespoke systems to meet requirements.  They have a varied working week, constantly solving unusual and challenging situations that require them to come up with intelligent solutions to complex heating scenarios.

You can find out a bit more about Nu-Heat’s design process in one of our recent blog posts: ‘What makes a good UFH design?‘.

In this post, we find out a bit more about Adam Noah, Chris, Matthew and team manager, James Lavers.

Design Team
Nu-Heat’s Design Team, from left to right: Adam Noah, Chris, Matthew, James Lavers, Tom, Adrian, Adam Thomas, Julie, John, James Morfey and Clarke

How long have you been at Nu-Heat and what did you do before?

Adam N:  I’ve been part of Nu-Heat’s Design Team for nearly 5 years now, but was a chef for over 17 years beforehand.

Chris:  12 years for me having previously been a Senior Draughtsman at an electrical switchgear company.

Matthew:  I’m new to the team.  I worked as a freelance typesetter, and still enjoy this in my spare time.

James L:  It’s nearly 10 years now!  Before joining Nu-Heat I spent some time kitchen-fitting having finished studying for my Maths degree.

What’s the best thing about your job?

James L:  We’re a close-knit team and it’s great to be a part of.  We produce a large volume of high quality designs but still remain relaxed.

Adam N:  It’s a great place to work.  That’s why so many of us have been here for 5-10 years.

Chris:  It’s a friendly team and everyone helps each other.

Matthew: Learning new skills (CAD) and generally feeling part of a team – I worked on my own for a long time before joining Nu-Heat!

Do you have a favourite product or project?

Chris:  My favourite project would be East Broomlands for M&J Ballantyne.  It’s been an on-going project and I have built up a really good relationship with them.

James L: LoPro®Max is a great product.  It’s low profile with a high heat output, making it a really good UFH solution for refurbishments with lower levels of insulation.

Adam N:  I like the neoStat. You can control your heating in conjunction with the neoHub from your phone giving the control you would expect in this day and age when everything is done on the go.

Matthew:  It’s a little early to say!

In our next Meet the Team, we’ll be speaking with a few more of our Designers: James Morfey, Clarke, Adrian and Adam Thomas.

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