State-of-the-art telephone system for Nu-Heat

In order to build on its great reputation for customer service, Nu-Heat has invested in a state-of-the-art telephone system. In a company that received well over 50,000 calls last year, the ability to manage them more efficiently will be a great asset that is bound to have a positive impact on waiting times.


How does it benefit customers?

The new system has an automatic alert to individual account managers to tell them they have another customer holding on the line and exactly who it is. It also allows straightforward telephone conferencing, so that the customer and several Nu-Heat staff can be involved in a single conversation, which will speed up communication between departments.


When a voicemail is not picked up for a period of time the message will automatically escalate to another member of the team; it can also be forwarded to an email if it needs to be redirected to another person or recorded on a customer record.


Nu-Heat will now be able to connect office phones to staff home computers, which offers improved flexible working arrangements, especially helpful during bad weather and over the Christmas holiday period.



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Portia McMenemy

PR & Marketing Executive Portia McMenemy has worked for Nu-Heat since 2005 and is responsible for the fulfilment and coordination of all PR activities, editorial and marketing projects as well as the management of relationships with key industry contacts.

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