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Warm water underfloor heating (UFH) is widely specified in new properties and increasingly in retrofit projects.  Any competent plumbing and heating engineer can install the system, but there are various factors that should be considered.

Is the property suitable?

The first thing to decide is whether the property is suitable for UFH.  The main consideration here is insulation.

  • New builds will be built with sufficient insulation to meet current Building Regulations, making it ideal for UFH
  • Homes built within the last 20 years should have reasonable levels of insulation as well as double-glazing,  meaning they are likely to be suitable for one of our LoPro® retrofit solutions
  • Homes over 20 years old can still have UFH, but the insulation levels will probably need improving wherever possible and double glazing will need to be installed

The general rule is – the more insulation present, the lower the flow temperature of the UFH can be, making for a more efficient system.

What is the heat source?

The heat source affects the efficiency of the UFH and the running costs.

  • A gas condensing boiler is ideal as the low UFH flow temperatures allow the boiler to work in condensing mode most of the time, running efficiently
  • Oil or LPG boilers are also suitable and perform efficiently with UFH
  • Heat pumps are the perfect partner for UFH.  The performance of the heat pump with be improved by the low flow temperatures of the UFH, which allows it to deliver a higher Coefficient of Performance (CoP)

Choosing the right UFH system

The most suitable UFH solution for the project is generally decided by one of our system designers together with the installer.  The main considerations are:

  • Whether it’s a ground or first-floor
  • A concrete of jointed sub base construction
  • Amount of heat output required
  • Chosen floor coverings
  • Whether there is any acoustic requirement, specifically for flats and apartments

Whatever the situation or criteria of the project, with over 60 different constructions, Nu-Heat can provide an UFH solution that will suit.

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