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Underfloor heating

At Nu-Heat, we’re asked hundreds of questions about warm water underfloor heating (UFH) every day, many of them along the same lines.

Even now, there are still many common misconceptions about UFH. To help any homeowner, self-builder or installer who’s researching UFH for a project, we asked Hannah, one of our Business Development Managers, to dispel the UFH myths.

Myth – It can leak, can’t it?

Our UFH tube is extremely strong and it will not leak. You would have to physically puncture the tube to create a leak, which takes considerable effort! There are never any joins in the tube other than at the manifold, so there are no weak points in the system where a leak could sprout.

The tube we supply is quality assured to ISO9001 and is designed to the high European industry standard.

Myth – Warm water UFH isn’t suitable for single rooms

You can have warm water UFH in just one room. Quite often our customers would like to include UFH in a new extension without updating their heating system, and this is entirely possible. We offer OneZone® packs online that are ideal for single room applications in various rooms. They can even run directly off of an existing radiator circuit.

Myth – Electric UFH is a cheaper and easier solution for a kitchen or bathroom

The cheaper initial cost of electric UFH may seem tempting when installing in an area like a kitchen or bathroom, but as it’s an electric system, it is significantly more expensive to run – around three times the cost of warm water UFH!

Warm water UFH is made up of many more components, so it does cost a little more upfront, but you benefit from far lower running costs going forward and it’s 25% more efficient than a radiator system. There’s little point in installing UFH if you can never use it due to eye-watering heating bills!

Myth – It takes a long time to heat up

Different UFH systems offer different heat outputs and response times. The use of the property is often an important factor in choosing how the UFH should perform.

Some UFH systems heat up very quickly and are well suited to a property where the owners are regularly popping in and out throughout the day. Others are designed to store and release heat slowly, working well for someone that spends more time at home.

For example:

The LoPro® systems are both low profile, at no more than 22mm, so these offer an extremely quick heat up time that’s on par with a radiator.

ClippaPlate®, a solution for first floors, holds the UFH tube flush against the floor deck, so also offers a quick heat up time.

Screed UFH, the most common system for new builds, holds the UFH tube in a thick layer of screed. This solution takes longer to heat up, but it also holds the heat for a much longer period.

Myth – It’s difficult to install

All of our UFH systems have been designed with a simple installation in mind, whatever the project.

With over 60 different UFH solutions, tube layout drawings, clear installation manuals and technical support, installing a Nu-Heat UFH system is easy.

Still have some questions?

We’re always happy to help answer your UFH questions, so please give us a call on 01404 540650.

You can also find out more about all of our different UFH systems on our website.

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