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A ground source heat pump (GSHP) is designed to supply the home with inexpensive and environmentally friendly heating and hot water by extracting heat stored in the ground.

Nu-Heat’s ground source heat pump range

Nu-Heat offers the market-leading range of NIBE ground source heat pumps.

A popular renewable solution for new builds on large plots, NIBE ground source heat pumps are:

  • Highly efficient.
  • Include modulating units (1155 and 1255) that adjust output based on the heat required, drawing less electricity.
  • MCS approved for the Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • Easy to use thanks to an intuitive display.
  • Guaranteed for 7 years when supplied and commissioned by Nu-Heat.

Nu-Heat provides a complete design and supply heat pump package. This includes the ground source heat pump, the most suitable cylinder and a tailored system design as well as mechanical and electrical docking drawings for a simple installation.

Is a ground source heat pump right for the property?

Ground source heat pumps use ground loops to collect the heat stored within the ground – this means there must be ample land available. For a GSHP to work effectively, you will need at least three times the total floor area (ground and upper floors) to install the ground loops.

If there’s not enough land for a GSHP, you may want to consider boreholes or an air source heat pump as another renewable alternative.

Finding a ground source heat pump installer

Looking for someone to install your ground source heat pump? We can help through our Registered Installer Network.

Nu-Heat also supports your chosen installer to fit renewable systems to Microgeneration Scheme (MCS) standards, offering a range of commissioning packages.

Why choose a ground source heat pump from Nu-Heat?

  • We provide a complete ground source heat pump design and supply service, ensuring seamless system integration.
  • Our experience and intelligent software delivers maximum efficiency for the homeowner.
  • All Nu-Heat ground source heat pumps are MCS approved and our documentation is also MCS compliant, supporting Renewable Heat Incentive applications.
  • We make installation easy with straightforward instructions and comprehensive mechanical and electrical drawings.
  • Heat pumps are guaranteed for 7 years when supplied and commissioned by Nu-Heat.

Ground source heat pump technical information

View more detailed information and performance data for the NIBE ground source heat pump range: