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Nu-Heat products

As the UK's largest supplier of warm water underfloor heating and integrated renewables, Nu‑Heat delivers fully designed, energy efficient systems to installers, housebuilders, contractors, architects and self-builders nationwide.

Underfloor heating (UFH)

Nu-Heat’s underfloor heating provides a superior heating choice all combined with improved comfort, greater interior design flexibility and optimum energy efficiency. Our UFH saves dramatically on installation time and, with products and fixings for over 60 floor constructions, is designed to work in all situations and across all scenarios.

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Retrofit UFH

Our LoPro® range offers the very best low profile UFH solutions, suitable for a wide range of projects including renovations, extensions, loft conversions and bathrooms. LoPro®10, LoPro®Max and LoPro®Lite can be laid over existing floors with low height build up.

Discover Nu-Heat’s retrofit underfloor heating range

OneZone® UFH

Conservatories, extensions and single rooms can also enjoy the quality of a Nu‑Heat underfloor system, condensed in a simple-to-install OneZone® package that integrates seamlessly with an existing radiator system. Screed solutions are available for new build and LoPro®Max and LoPro®Lite for retrofit scenarios.

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Heat pumps

Heat pumps work by extracting the inexhaustible free supply of solar energy stored naturally either in the ground, air or water and utilising it for domestic heating and hot water. We provide a range of NIBE ground and air source heat pumps.

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Solar thermal

Solar energy is a free, unlimited resource that produces no harmful emissions and requires no transportation or supply pipelines. Nu‑Heat designs and supplies a complete, ready-to-install package comprising the solar hot water cylinder, solar panels (often called collectors), and ancillary components.

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We supply a comprehensive range of thermostats from simple to use dial-type and easy to install wireless thermostats to internet-enabled units with Smartphone control. The choice is yours.

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We supply a range of EnergyPro® and EnergyMaster cylinders specifically designed to work efficiently with our underfloor heating and renewable products.

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