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Retrofit floor constructions

Nu-Heat's LoPro® range offers the very best low profile UFH solutions, suitable for a wide range of projects including renovations, extensions, loft conversions and bathrooms.

The LoPro® range includes two low profile retrofit solutions, LoPro®10 and new LoPro®Max. Both systems have been specifically designed for ease of install in any existing property.

Slim and simple – LoPro®10

LoPro®10 uses pre-routed gypsum boards that are laid over the existing floor to hold the heating tube in place. As a mainly dry solution, floor coverings can be fitted immediately, making for an extremely quick and simple installation process.

The enhanced thermal properties of LoPro®10 make it suitable for use with gas, oil and LPG condensing boilers and with a total height build-up of just 15mm, it is an ideal solution for a wide range of renovation projects.

Impressive performance – LoPro®Max

LoPro®Max is the latest innovation in retrofit UFH offering heat outputs 50% higher than other solutions on the market.

A wet solution, the system uses a robust castellated panel to hold the heating tube in place before being covered by a specialist self-levelling compound, LoPro®QuickSet. This highly conductive compound provides a perfectly level surface which is dry after eight hours.

The simple installation and impressive heat output makes LoPro®Max particularly suitable for properties with lower levels of insulation or large amounts of glazing.

Specification considerations
  • Dry and wet floor constructions
  • High/medium heat outputs
  • Suitable for renovations and retrofit

Installation considerations
  • Floor components fitted at second-fix stage
  • Sits on top of any existing structural deck
  • Floor coverings can be fitted immediately/within 72 hours


Screed or timber floor overlaid with pre-routed LoPro®10 panels securing 10mm FastFlo® tube

LoPro®10 is a floating floor with minimal height build-up and enhanced thermal properties, ideal for use with gas, oil and LPG condensing boilers. It is simply laid over any floor deck and across any floor level, making it suitable for retrofit projects as well as new build.

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Screed or timber floor overlaid with castellated panel and LoPro®QuickSet self-levelling compound securing 10mm FastFlo® tube

LoPro®Max is a unique floor construction that uses a specialist self-levelling compound with only 22mm height build-up.

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