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Solar thermal


Get paid for heating water with Nu-Heat's EnergyPro™ Solar Thermal

The Domestic RHI

The Domestic RHI offers a real incentive to homeowners to install renewable technologies. Solar thermal technology can benefit from the new RHI government incentive. Payments are made quarterly over a period of 7 years based on estimates of a household’s annual domestic hot water consumption and are in addition to any savings that have been made on hot water bills.

RHI Tariff payment pence / kWh
Possible RHI payments over 7 years using Nu-Heat renewable technologies*
Based on a standard dwelling with four occupants and modest overshading of 4m² of panels on a 30° south facing roof generating 1278kWh of heat. September 2017.


RHI scheme is here to stay

The Government’s recent spending review confirms a commitment to extending the RHI scheme to at least 2021; great news for anyone considering a heat pump and/or solar thermal, as incentives will continue into the next decade.

Qualifying for the RHI

One of the big appeals of a renewables system for a homeowner, aside from the on-going savings to fuel bills, is that the installation cost can be offset by applying for the RHI.

In order to be eligible for these payments, the property and renewables system must meet certain criteria. As part of this, the system must be MCS compliant – this is all to do with the product itself and the way it is installed – and is something that Nu-Heat can help both homeowners and installers with.

This legislation was brought in by the Government and aims to ensure that all renewables systems are installed to a high standard and operate efficiently, as expected.

Installing an eligible system

In order to qualify for the RHI payments, the property and renewables system has to meet certain criteria:

  • The product itself, whether it’s a heat pump or a solar thermal system, must be MCS approved
  • The installation of the system must adhere to strict guidelines


For more information on the criteria put in place and whether your property and system are eligible for the RHI, we recommend you contact Ofgem.

How we make sure systems are compliant

Nu-Heat wants to help all of our customers benefit from the RHI. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to receive the payments, or an installer wanting to install a compliant system, we can help.

  • All of our heat pumps and solar thermal panels are MCS approved products and are eligible for the RHI
  • In order to ensure the system is installed to MCS standards, achieving sign-off, we offer support to both installers that are already MCS accredited and to those who are not. Contact us to find out more.


Find out more and apply

Find out how we help homeowners to qualify for the RHI by reading our short factsheet.

Renewable Heat Incentive calculator – Find out how much money you could get using this calculator on

An introduction to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive – If you’re considering or intending to apply

The Renewable Heat incentive – Domestic or Non-Domestic? – If you’re not sure which scheme to apply to

Start your application – Apply through the Ofgem website

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