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Tech support

Technical bulletins

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping installers up to date with the latest developments at Nu-Heat, the Technical Support team is creating a series of Technical Bulletins that build into a straightforward, practical library relevant to the products we supply.

June 2018: New heat pump metering requirements

View PDF [736kb]

February 2018: Improved cylinder range

View PDF [328kb]

July 2017: Introducing the Apple HomeKit enabled neoHub+

View PDF [500kb]

July 2017: Nu-Heat’s cylinder range is changing

View PDF [188kb]

June 2017: New ground loop mani

View PDF [293kb]

March 2017: Bigger OneZone Packs

View PDF [90kb]

March 2017: Introducing the neoUltra

View PDF [438kb]

March 2017: Improvements to Nu-Heat’s LoPro®Max

View PDF [586kb]

October 2016: Ground source heat pump – ground loop manifold

View PDF [192kb]

August 2016: Pump module and UFH mixing valve module upgrades

View PDF [683kb]

June 2016: Setting up Nu-Heat thermostats and their remote sensors

View PDF [548kb]

June 2016: New manifold-mounted pump module

View PDF [360kb]

May 2016: Introducing Nu-Heat’s new and improved OneZone®

View PDF [261kb]

February 2016: Remote pump modules PM2 and PM4

View PDF [253kb]

March 2015: NIBE 1145 & 1245 ground source heat pump – system improvements

View PDF [139kb]

September 2014: Manifold Actuators (OMDA-C)

View PDF [153kb]

June 2014: LoPro®Max full-house underfloor heating systems

View PDF [424kb]

March 2014: EnergyPro Solar Panels

View PDF [557kb]

January 2014: Update to the Grundfos UPS2 pump

View PDF [312kb]

November 2013: Nu-Heat’s new range of EnergyPro cylinders

View PDF [209kb]

September 2013: Online warranty application

View PDF [311kb]

August 2013: DS dial thermostat enhancements

View PDF [270kb]

July 2013: Heat pumps & electricity consumption

View PDF [153kb]

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