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How to retro fit underfloor heating

LoPro™10 retrofit underfloor heating - Specification Guide
Thanks to Nu-Heat's latest floor construction, LoPro™10, retrofit underfloor heating is now a reality for many existing properties.

The biggest challenge to installing underfloor heating in an existing building is often height build-up. In response, Nu-Heat now developed LoPro™10, a floating floor with just 15mm height build up and excellent thermal properties that can be fitted on top of the existing floor deck.

Nu-Heat’s LoPro™10 retrofit UFH system has been designed as an alternative method of heating existing domestic properties. Homes built within the last 20 years and those that have undergone fairly standard insulation upgrades can now benefit from all the advantages of underfloor heating usually reserved for new-build.

LoPro™10 the low-height floor construction for retrofit UFH

The most appropriate floating floor option in most refurbishment projects is Nu-Heat's new LoPro™10 construction. With a height build-up of just 15mm, LoPro™10 can be laid on top of a solid base, existing floorboards or a chipboard deck in any project that can accommodate this minimal extra height.

Installing LoPro™10

1. Clear floor area, repair & level floor as required using self-leveling compound or equivalent.

Laying the grooved LoPro panels

2.Lay pre-routed panel in line with system design drawing.

Fitting the Fastrack clip to pipe at turns

3. Lay ‘pipe run panel’ for ease of pipe install to manifold.

Laying pipe run panel

4. Run 10mm pipe from manifold to each designed zone.

Inserting the tube

5. When all zones are completed, pressure test the system as described in the Nu-Heat Installation Manual.

Nu-Heat installation manual

6. Lay self-leveling compound to cover pipe run backs and leave 24hrs drying time.

Use self levelling compound


Find out more about LoPro™10 by watching the video:


For more information about the integration of underfloor heating into new or existing property, call Nu-Heat on 0800 731 1976. Alternatively visit http://www.nu-heat.co.uk