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How much does underfloor heating cost?

Warm water underfloor heating is a more effective, efficient and eco-friendly alternative to using radiators to heat your home. But how much does underfloor heating cost and how much could you save on your heating bills?

The exact underfloor heating cost per m² will vary depending on the most suitable solution for the property. For example, a standard screed UFH system for a new build project is often cheaper than a retrofit solution where more materials are required.

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost

Underfloor heating costs in a new build

Screed underfloor heating, like ClipTrack®, is a cost-effective heating choice for a new build property that fits neatly into the build schedule. Installation is quick, which helps keep costs to a minimum.

In a typical self-build project (e.g. a detached 3 bedroomed home) with a 100m² floor area, you could expect a bespoke screed UFH system to cost approximately £5,000+VAT, or £50m² +VAT, excluding the screed and installation costs. This would include a unique system design tailored to the property, the highest quality components and unrivalled customer support for the lifetime of the system.

Every project is handled by qualified and experienced UFH experts to ensure the system performs exactly as required.

UFH cost in a renovation

More materials are supplied with retrofit warm water UFH systems (e.g. pre-routed panels or specialist self-levelling compound), so for this reason they tend to cost more than a new build system.

Nu‑Heat’s award-winning LoPro® range avoids the time and expense of digging up floors, making UFH a reality for most properties. It includes everything needed to complete the installation before floor coverings are laid – there is no additional cost of screed, for example.

In a renovation project, like an average Victorian terrace with a downstairs floor area of 60m², a LoPro®10 system with a bespoke design and all the high quality components required would cost in the region of £6,000+VAT, or £100m² +VAT, excluding installation.

Installing UFH in one room? Electric underfloor heating kits, like ElectroMat®, cost less than warm water, making them a good option for smaller, single rooms. Be aware that electric UFH running costs are far higher than warm water, meaning it is best avoided for heating large spaces or a whole house.

Underfloor heating for single room

Cost of installing underfloor heating

Once you have an idea of the system price, you also need to consider the cost of having the system installed by a qualified heating and plumbing engineer.

The cost of installing underfloor heating is difficult to estimate as it varies depending on the area of the UK and the size and type of UFH system being installed. We would normally expect the installation cost to be roughly 40-50% of the cost of the system.

In straightforward or smaller projects, it is possible to install the fixing system and tube yourself, or have a builder do this, before getting the plumber in to set up the manifold, connect it back to the boiler and commission the system.

The Ultimate Underfloor Heating Buyer’s Guide

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The Ultimate Underfloor Heating Buyer’s Guide

Underfloor heating running costs

One question we get asked a lot is, ‘is underfloor heating expensive to run?’. Here’s some more info on UFH running costs, along with a useful table comparing the running costs of warm water UFH and electric underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating running costs: Warm water Vs Electric

Cost to heat a room per year with:
Room size
Electric UFH
Warm water UFH
Cost saving over a year
The running costs have been based on a standard electricity price of £0.39 per kWh and a domestic natural gas price of £0.12 per kWh (correct as of Oct 2022).

Warm water underfloor heating running costs

Warm water underfloor heating is a highly efficient heating system – around 25% more efficient than radiators when paired with a modern condensing boiler and up to 40% more efficient when running from a heat pump (including air source heat pump or ground source heat pumps).

Because of this, running costs are often lower than a traditional radiator system and around a third of an equivalent electric UFH system.

Electric underfloor heating running costs

Electric underfloor heating running costs can be three to four times more than a warm water UFH system, or a radiator system, that is paired with a gas boiler. This is simply because electric tends to cost far more than natural gas per kWh.

Electric UFH is a good option for small spaces, like bathrooms or kitchen refurbs, where it can warm hard floor finishes. It is rarely used to heat an entire property because of the associated running costs.

Underfloor heating cost FAQs

Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

No. Because warm water underfloor heating distributes heat at a lower temperature and more efficiently into a room than a radiator system, it can be cheaper to run. Electric underfloor heating, however, is likely to be far more expensive to run due to the higher cost of electricity, this is why we would only ever recommend using electric underfloor heating to heat a small area.

How much does it cost to install underfloor heating?

Exact installation costs will vary according to the specific requirements of your project. If you have plans for a project you are working on, give us a call and we can put you in touch with one of our Registered Installers who can give you a full installation quotation.

How much is underfloor heating per m2?

Cost per m² can start from as low as £50/m². However, this can vary depending on many different factors. For an exact cost per m², speak to one of our Account Managers who can give you a bespoke quotation based on your plans.

How much does water and electric underfloor heating cost to run?

As a rough guide, you can expect electric underfloor heating to cost three times as much to run as warm water underfloor heating. This is because electricity costs considerably more than gas.

Is underfloor heating cost efficient?

Yes, as underfloor heating gently emits heat across a large surface area, it can utilise a lower flow temperature than radiators which can make it more cost efficient, especially when paired with a low temperature heat source like a heat pump.

Want help finding the right underfloor heating solution?

We would love to speak with you to discuss your project. If you have a question about your existing Nu-Heat system, our technical support team are at hand.