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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating installation

Nu-Heat underfloor heating (UFH) systems are simple to install in a variety of projects, whether a new build, total refurb or a single room renovation.

We design our systems to be quick and easy to fit and commission, even for someone new to underfloor heating installation.

How easy it is to install underfloor heating?

Very! Every Nu-Heat system is designed for an easy installation. You can expect to receive the highest quality components and a bespoke design – a service that is rated 9.8 out of 10 by installers.

Find a Nu-Heat Registered Installer

If you’re looking for an experienced plumbing and heating engineer for your wet underfloor heating installation, or someone to install a heat pump, we can help through our Registered Installer Network. Currently, we have over 200 experienced installers signed up across the country.

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Supporting your chosen installer

Already have a local plumbing and heating engineer in mind for your underfloor heating installation? We regularly offer support to both new and experienced installers. Your Account Manager is always to hand, along with our Technical Support Team, before, during and after your UFH installation.

For more information on underfloor heating installation methods, you can call us on 01404 540650 or get in touch.

Looking for underfloor heating installation information? View our installation manuals

See how underfloor heating is installed

Watch our short videos to see how some of our most popular underfloor heating systems are installed.

ClipTrack® screed underfloor heating installation – for new builds

5 steps to installing ClipTrack® screed underfloor heating:

  1. Cover the insulation with a polythene protection layer to tank the room.
  2. Fit the ClipTrack®. This holds the heating tube at even spacing.
  3. Push the UFH tube into the ClipTrack® following the supplied design drawings.
  4. Once the tube is connected back to the manifold, fill, flush and pressure test the system.
  5. Pour the screed while the tube is under pressure.

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LoPro®Max underfloor heating installation – for renovations

5 steps to installing LoPro®Max retrofit underfloor heating:

  1. Before getting started, check the floor is in a good condition and level before priming the area.
  2. Lay the self-adhesive castellated panels directly over the existing floor (this must be structural).
  3. Push the UFH tube into the panels following the supplied design drawings.
  4. Once the tube is connected back to the manifold, fill, flush and pressure test the system.
  5. Pour LoPro®QuickSet, the specialist self-levelling compound that is supplied with the system, whilst the tube is under pressure. The compound dries quickly – in around eight hours – and floor coverings can be fitted after 72 hours.

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ClippaPlate® underfloor heating installation – for first floors

5 steps to installing ClippaPlate® underfloor heating:

  1. Feed the UFH tube through pre-notched or drilled holes in the joists.
  2. Fix the ClippaPlate® to the floor deck. This can be done from below, between the joists, or from above, straddling the joists.
  3. With the plates in place, push the heating tube into the lip of the plates.
  4. Once the tube is connected back to the manifold, fill, flush and pressure test the system
  5. The ceiling or floor deck can now be fitted.

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Meet a Nu-Heat underfloor heating installer

Lee, of Woodhatch Plumbing and Heating, has been a member of our experienced Registered Installer Network for over 10 years.

Meet a Nu-Heat ufh installer

“The complete, bespoke package that Nu Heat delivers is great. The design process, literature and the people we deal with day-to-day are superb.

The Technical Support Team is always there for me to tap into, as well as giving support to my customers during and after the underfloor heating installation.

I know that I can handover the user instructions and design drawings to the end user and they will find it easy to understand and use their new heating system.

Knowing that Nu Heat provides all that I need cuts out the headaches for me. It’s a cracking company!”.

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