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What is low profile underfloor heating?

Low profile underfloor heating is specially designed to be easily installed over an existing subfloor, unlike traditional systems that require the floor to be excavated and re-laid. This makes low profile UFH systems an excellent choice for retrofitting underfloor heating in properties.

Designed to provide efficient heat in a slim profile, these innovative systems minimise floor height build-up by little as 15mm, depending on the product chosen.

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What are the benefits of low profile UFH?

Easy to install

Fitted over the floor and quick – or no – drying times.
Easy to install UFH

Minimal height build-up

Perfect for renovation projects where room heights are fixed.
Install Thin

Ideal for renovations

Specially designed for retrofitting without excavating the floors.
UFH ideal for renovations

Where are low profile UFH systems used?

Renovations: for existing properties, low profile underfloor heating is a practical, hassle-free and efficient choice compared to a installing a screeded system that requires the original floors to be excavated. These systems can also respond faster than screeded systems making them a great choice for older properties with higher heat losses.

Extensions: Low profile underfloor heating systems can be installed over different floor constructions within the same room, making this type of product a versatile choice for projects such as extensions.

Warm water underfloor heating versus electric UFH

What do I need to consider when fitting low profile UFH?

  1. Choosing the right low profile system
    Some systems in our LoPro® range, like LoPro®10, are designed for ultra-low height build up, making them a great choice for rooms where ceiling heights are lower. Other systems, such as LoPro®Max, offer the highest heat output possible and are ideal for homes with higher heat losses or if pairing with a heat pump. Our design team will factor in your requirements to ensure you get the perfect low profile underfloor heating system for your project.
  2. Floor preparation
    Nu-Heat low profile underfloor heating is simple to install in a renovation. One of the key steps for smooth installation is correctly preparing the existing subfloor before fitting the underfloor heating. Concrete floors should be levelled and repaired if necessary, and joisted timber floors will need to be insulated below the floor deck to minimise downward heat loss.
Underfloor heating installation

Nu-Heat low profile underfloor heating systems

Our range of industry-leading low profile underfloor heating products means that whatever your needs, we’ve got the perfect system. Our expert team are on hand help you choose the right low profile underfloor heating for your project.

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Why is low profile UFH system design so important?

Because no two homes are the same, retrofit underfloor heating systems must be carefully designed to meet the building’s unique characteristics, including heat loss, ceiling heights, the amount of glazing, and more.

The better the system design, the slimmer a low profile retrofit UFH system can be without sacrificing performance. Because our heating designs are precisely tailored to the unique characteristics of the building, our LoPro® range’s 10mm pipe outperforms thicker competitor systems to give you the slimmest underfloor heating on the market.

Whichever Nu-Heat underfloor heating system you choose, we factor in the fabric of the building, calculating room-by-room heat losses, whilst ensuring your system will be as easy as possible to install.

Underfloor heating design

Why Nu-Heat?

The heating specialists

The experts in bespoke underfloor heating and integrated renewables for over 32 years.
30 years

Bespoke heating design

Our underfloor heating systems are designed and overseen by our experts, to meet the specific needs of your project.
Bespoke heating design

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With our award-winning customer service and support, we ensure you get the best underfloor heating system for your project.
Award-winning service

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We offer lifetime tech support on our underfloor heating systems, so you can rest easy knowing we are always on hand to help.
Lifetime tech support

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