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Nu-Heat uses the highest quality, tried and tested components for our underfloor heating and renewable systems. Because of this, we offer long warranty periods to give you complete confidence.

Product Warranty period
Fastflo® underfloor heating tube (all sizes) 50 year product warranty
First 10 years insurance backed, covering complete cost of the remedial works and reinstatement
Electromat Underfloor Heating 25 years
EnergyPro and EnergyMaster HP cylinders*Ɨ 25 years*
Underfloor heating manifold 10 years
EnergyPro solar thermal panels 10 years Ɨ
NIBE heat pumps 7 years Ɨ
Panasonic heat pumps 5 years Ɨ
EnergyPro solar collectors 10 years
Solar control station 2 years
Electrical components
(wiring centres, manifold actuators, thermostats, pumps and ancillary electrical components)
2 years
Plumbing components
(manifold valves and gauges, BufferBox100®)
2 years

Ɨ Guarantee on all heat pumps supplied and commissioned by Nu Heat. Warranty is subject to annual servicing
*Heat pump cylinders that are on a private water supply, e.g. borehole, have a 10 year warranty