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Many people opt for electric UFH to warm rooms with tiles, such as kitchens, bathrooms or wet rooms.

Nu-Heat’s ElectroMat® OneZone® is an easy-to-fit electric UFH kit that can cover floor areas of up to 18m².

Electric underfloor heating pros and cons

Is electric underfloor heating right for your project? If you are looking to benefit from the feeling of UFH in a single, smaller room, then it could be.

Electric underfloor heating pros

  • Electric UFH kits are affordable, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of UFH in a single room without much upfront cost.
  • It provides a high heat output to warm hard floor coverings, such as tiles, in a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Electric UFH is simple to install and is fitted directly over the existing floor, meaning minimal mess.

Electric underfloor heating cons

Looking to install UFH in a large space, or in a few rooms? Warm water UFH is likely to be a better option.

ElectroMat® electric underfloor heating kit

An ideal solution for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms, Nu-Heat’s ElectroMat® kits include everything you need to install electric underfloor heating in a single room.

Why choose ElectroMat®?

  • ElectroMat® is quick and simple to install.
  • The de-coupling membrane holds the heating cable in place and enables tiles to be laid directly on top without risk of cracking.
  • Offers a high heat output for warmth underfoot.
  • When using sealing tape, ElectroMat® is completely waterproof, making it easy to create a wet room.

How is ElectroMat® electric underfloor heating installed?

Here’s a quick overview of how ElectroMat® electric underfloor heating is installed:

Step 1: Prepare the floor and install the thermostat floor sensor.

Step 2: Lay the ElectroMat® de-coupling membrane over the floor using a flexible tile adhesive.

Step 3: Test the ElectroMat® heating cables, as instructed, and fit into the membrane by pushing into the channels in the matting.

Step 4: Fix the tiles in position using a full 5mm bed of flexible tile adhesive. If using other floor finishes (such as laminate, engineered board, vinyl or carpet) cover the floor with a 10mm layer of flexible self-levelling compound.

Step 5: Repeat the cable testing and wire the neoStat-e thermostat (this must be done by a qualified electrician).

Electric underfloor heating install 1
Electric underfloor heating install 2
Electric underfloor heating install 3

Want help finding the right underfloor heating solution?

We would love to speak with you to discuss your project. If you have a question about your existing Nu-Heat system, our technical support team are at hand.