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Introducing LoPro10™ – our new low-height floor construction for retrofit

LoPro10 3D representation

The biggest challenge to installing underfloor heating in an existing building is often height build-up. In response, Nu-Heat now developed LoPro10™, a floating floor with just 15mm height build up and excellent thermal properties that can be fitted on top of the existing floor deck.

Nu-Heat’s LoPro10™ retrofit UFH system has been designed as an alternative method of heating existing domestic properties. Homes built within the last 20 years and those that have undergone fairly standard insulation upgrades can now benefit from all the advantages of underfloor heating usually reserved for new-build.

LoPro10™ provides a practical, economical alternative to a traditional radiator-based system and is designed for use with existing or new gas/oil/lpg condensing boilers. A LoPro10™ system typically requires a flow temperature of 45˚C–55˚C – much lower than a typical radiator system which would have a flow temperature of 70˚C– 80˚C and complementing the performance characteristics of condensing boilers perfectly.

Running costs for LoPro10™ when compared with electric UFH systems

Running costs for LoPro10

Cost Comparion

You can clearly see that the cost of running LoPro10™ with a boiler is typically one-third of a comparable electric UFH system


  • Standard 15mm depth before floor coverings are fitted
  • Rapid heat up
  • High thermal output
  • 10mm ultra flexible PEX-c pipework is easily laid in the panels in lengths of up to 60m
  • Provides airborne acoustic reduction on timber upper floors by adding mass –15.5kg/m2
  • Fixing system enables 10mm PEX-c to be closely laid up to 10 abreast, enabling easy run back to the manifold


  • Ideal for use in new-build, renovation and retrofit projects
  • Can be used on ground and upper floors of the building
  • Dense rigid thermal gypsum board can be tiled on directly with just a thin de-coupling layer
  • Can be used with carpet and underlay, vinyl and linoleum
  • Laminates and engineered floors can be floated directly over the panel
  • Feels solid underfoot
  • High thermal output makes LoPro10™ an ideal partner for gas, oil and lpg condensing boilers
  • Installation time is greatly reduced compared with screed systems
  • A robust, high-quality product