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3 key stages to installing a ground source heat pump

To get the most out of your ground source heat pump, it’s essential the that design, installation and system handover is thorough and completed correctly. From initial design, all the way through to maintenance, each stage is as important as the last when it comes to improving the efficiency of your heat pump.

Keep reading to find out the 3 main steps to ground source heat pump installation:

Step 1 – Finding the right heat pump supplier and design

You’ll want to be confident that your ground source heat pump installation can affordably heat your home and provide hot water and heat whenever needed. Because ground source heat pumps are a very different type of technology to a boiler, far more thought and preparation has to go into their design. Nu-Heat are specialists in renewable heating which is why we offer:

  • Expert advice and support to ensure a ground source heat pump is right for you.
  • Fully integrated heating design of your ground source heat pump and underfloor heating.
  • Room-by-room heat loss calculations to select the correct size ground source heat pump and ensure efficiency.
  • Support with MCS compliance and commissioning of the ground source heat pump to provide the MCS certificate required for Boiler Upgrade Scheme applications.
  • Mechanical and electrical drawings, installation manuals and user guides specific to your ground source heat pump system.
Nu-Heat underfloor heating design

Step 2 – Installing a ground source heat pump

There’s a bit more work involved in ground source heat pump installation than an air source heat pump, but once fitted they offer the very highest levels of efficiency. You’ll need the expertise of a good supplier, a competent installer (no specialist skills required) and a contractor to carry out the groundworks.

  • The ground source heat pump is situated inside the property in a plant room together with the flow and return heating pipework and the flow and return from the ground collector array.
  • The collector array will either be ground loops or boreholes. Horizontal ground loops can be laid by a groundworker with some assistance from the heating engineer. Vertical boreholes can be drilled as another option, which can save space but tends to cost around twice as much as the ground loop option.
  •  Nu-Heat provides all of the components and collector array required to install the ground source heat pump, along with a full set of mechanical and electrical drawings which will be tailored to suit the project.
Ground source heat pump

Step 3 – Getting the heating system up and running

After your ground source heat pump has been installed, it will need to be commissioned. This crucial step checks that everything is working as it should be and allows it to be signed off as MCS accredited for the £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant. As an MCS accredited company, we send our own engineers to site to help with this final step, which includes:

  • MCS paperwork – We take on the paperwork to ensure the system is compliant to MCS standards. We can also provide all the necessary documentation to support a Boiler Upgrade Scheme application, as well as registering the warranties and guarantees.
  • Onsite commissioning – A Nu-Heat engineer will visit the property to commission your system, ensuring quality of install and MCS compliance. They are also on hand to explain how the system is controlled.
Running your ground source heat pump

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Finding a ground source heat pump installer

Finding a good ground source heat pump installer you can trust will give you the peace of mind that your new heat pump will work as efficiently and effectively as it should.

If you’re looking to find a ground source heat pump installer near you who will fit to Nu-Heat standards, all you need to do is visit our Find an Installer page. Here, you can request to be put in contact with one of our Registered Installers that specialises in low carbon, low temperature heating systems.

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Become a ground source heat pump installer

Since the government proposed the ‘Future Homes Standard’, in which no new homes are to be heated using fossil fuels from 2025, the heat pump market has seen growth of around 20% each year, so, if you’ve been thinking about becoming a ground source heat pump installer, now is a great time to start.

And it may not be as difficult as you think, fitting a heat pump is not that dissimilar to installing a traditional gas boiler. Meaning, if you’re familiar with Y Plan, you can plumb a heat pump.

Better yet, as an MCS accredited company, Nu-Heat can ensure everything is up to MCS standards. Allowing you to pass on the warranties and guarantees to your customers, without having to become accredited yourself.

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