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Benefits of our LoPro® range

Nu-Heat’s LoPro® range makes sure that retrofitting underfloor heating in a renovation is as easy as possible.

Our retrofit underfloor heating systems are simply installed on top of an existing floor, so no need to excavate. They are also low profile – perfect for properties where floor to ceiling height is an important consideration.

Here’s why you should look into our LoPro® range of retrofit underfloor heating for your renovation project:

Install retrofit underfloor heating directly on top of your existing floor
Install on existing floor
As little as 15mm height build-up
Install Thin
Available as a fully designed system or a single room kit
Install full or kit
Optimum performance – high heat outputs and quick response times
High performing

The most popular retrofit UFH systems

Our LoPro® systems don’t just offer excellent efficiency and heat output, they are also designed to minimise height build up and can be installed without having to dig up your existing floors, making them a popular retrofit product.

In the past, retrofit underfloor heating may not have been possible. However, thanks to the development of our LoPro® range, there are lots of underfloor heating options for your renovation project.

UFH for renovations

LoPro®Max retrofit underfloor heating

LoPro®Max offers the highest heat output of all the LoPro® underfloor heating systems. It’s an ideal solution if you want retrofit underfloor heating with an extra punch, and works on both existing concrete and timber floors.

Developed to effectively heat renovations with higher heat losses, or rooms with large windows and bi-fold doors, LoPro®Max retrofit underfloor heating offers:

  • Maximum heating performance
  • Simple installation and quick drying times
  • Minimal height build-up at 22mm

LoPro®Max is available as a fully-designed retrofit UFH system and as a OneZone® kit for single areas.

Underfloor heating for renovations

How is LoPro®Max installed?

LoPro®Max uses castellated trays to hold the underfloor heating tube in place. These are laid directly over the existing floor.

The underfloor heating system is then covered in LoPro®QuickSet, a highly conductive self-levelling compound that is supplied as standard. The compound dries in around eight hours and is ready for floor covering after 72 hours.

DIY wet underfloor heating

LoPro®10 retrofit underfloor heating

LoPro®10 is the original low profile retrofit underfloor heating system. It’s the lowest profile system in the range, at just 15mm in total, and can be installed over both existing concrete and timber floors.

Developed to make underfloor heating accessible for renovations, LoPro®10 is:

  • Super-slim at just 15mm in total (no additional decks required)
  • Simply installed over an existing floor in your house
  • Well suited to properties with good levels of insulation

LoPro®10 is only available as a fully-designed retrofit wet underfloor heating system.

LoPro10 underfloor heating

How is LoPro®10 installed?

The LoPro®10 retrofit underfloor heating system uses pre-routed gypsum boards to hold the heating tubing in place. These are laid directly over the existing floor.

Castellated panels are fitted around the edges of the room/s to help guide the tube back to the manifold. Once the retrofit UFH is in place, a small amount of self-levelling compound is then poured over these areas to cover the tube

Installing LoPro10 UFH

LoPro®Lite retrofit underfloor heating

LoPro®Lite is a strong, lightweight retrofit underfloor heating system. It’s also available as an easy-to-install retrofit underfloor heating kit. Completely dry, with no self-levelling compound or liquid screed required, LoPro®Lite is:

  • Easy to fit yourself over an existing floor
  • A great option for both ground and upper floor thanks to its weight.
  • Low profile with just 15mm height build up

LoPro®Lite is available as a fully-designed retrofit underfloor heating system and as a OneZone® kit for single areas.

LoProLite ufh

How is LoPro®Lite installed?

LoPro®Lite uses high-density EPS (expanded polystyrene) pre-routed boards, castellated panels and diffuser plates to hold the heating tube. The boards are laid directly over the existing floor – ideal for installing underfloor heating in an existing house.

The system is completely dry, so there is no need to wait for any compound to dry.

LoProLite UFH install

5 Things You Need To Know About Underfloor Heating

Discover everything you need to know when considering underfloor heating for your home.

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5 Things You Need To Know About Underfloor Heating

Bespoke heating design

Our underfloor heating systems are designed and overseen by our experts, to meet the specific needs of your project.
Bespoke heating design

Lifetime tech support

We offer lifetime tech support on our underfloor heating systems, so you can rest easy knowing we are always on hand to help.
Lifetime technical support

Award-winning service

With our award-winning customer service and support, we ensure you get the best underfloor heating system for your project.
Award-winning service

Real life renovations

See how properties have been transformed with retrofit underfloor heating.

Want help finding the right underfloor heating solution?

We would love to speak with you to discuss your project. If you have a question about your existing Nu-Heat system, our technical support team are at hand.

Underfloor heating for renovations FAQs

Can you install underfloor heating on top of tiles?

Yes, if the tiles are structurally sound, an overlay system can usually be laid on top of them. However, you should always check this with a qualified person on site as this can vary on a case-by-case basis.

Can you install underfloor heating in an existing house?

Yes, Nu-Heat have an extensive range of retrofit underfloor heating options designed specifically for renovation projects.

Can you install underfloor heating on a concrete floor?

Yes, Nu-Heat’s overlay systems are designed to be installed directly over various kinds of existing floors, including concrete.

Can you install underfloor heating on wooden floorboards?

Yes, as long as they are structurally sound and level. We would always recommend that any suspended ground floors with an air void below should be insulated to reduce downward heat loss.

Does underfloor heating raise floor level?

Nu-Heat offer a range of products, such as our in-between joists and screed systems, which don’t add any height to the floor level. And if these products aren’t right for your project, we also have a variety of systems that offer minimal height build up on top of the floor, as low as 15mm.

Can underfloor heating be retrofitted?

Yes, Nu-Heat have a dedicated range of retrofit underfloor systems that are designed for renovation projects.

More information on underfloor heating