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A retrofit underfloor heating system specifically designed for retrofit, whole-house projects, extensions, conservatories and properties with lower levels of insulation.

One of the highest heat outputs available and outstanding response times make LoPro®Max a perfect replacement for a radiator system. Its low height build-up – averaging just 22mm – allows LoPro®Max to be laid on top of existing floors, ideal for running from old rooms to new extensions.

LoPro®Max benefits

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity – heat outputs up to 120W/m2
  • Super-fast response time – can be timed and run as you would a traditional radiator system
  • Just 22mm average height increase over existing floor level
  • Laid over an existing floor with minimal disruption
  • Simple and quick to install
  • High structural and compressive strength
  • One-third of the running cost of electric UFH
  • Range of thermostat options – including wireless
  • Perfectly level surface for tiling
  • Floor coverings can be fitted after 72 hours

See why everyone’s talking about LoPro®Max

An introduction to LoPro®Max, featuring testimonials from customers and kitchen professionals, along with an insight into the product’s development.

LoProMax installer testimonial

Performance – heat output

Nu-Heat’s LoPro®Max system offers an impressive heat output that’s around 50% higher than most other retrofit UFH systems on the market. As a general rule, hard finishes such as tile and stone will produce the highest heat outputs followed by timber and carpet. Nu-Heat includes heat loss calculations to verify the suitability of the chosen floor finishes and ensure heat output will meet expectations for all fully designed LoPro®Max systems.

Maximum heat output figures for LoPro®Max in living areas based on 10°C differential temperature at 150mm pipe spacing:

Available heat flow (W/m2)
Flow water temperature
95 (limit 75)
119 (limit 75)
142 (limit 75)
Natural stone/tiles
102 (limit 100)
128 (limit 100)
154 (limit 100)
14mm engineered board (glued)
85 (limit 75)
102 (limit 75)
2 tog carpet/underlay
Indicative figures for general guidance only.
Bathroom and en-suites are permitted a maximum heat output of 150W/m2

Innovative LoPro®QuickSet self-levelling compound

LoPro®QuickSet self-levelling compound has been specially developed to provide the perfect combination of strength, viscosity and finish in a formula that is exceptionally quick and easy to use. Added to which it levels uneven floors, providing a new level surface as a perfect base for ceramic tiles or high quality stone finishes.

  • Provides a perfectly level floor surface ideal for laying vinyl, tile and stone floor finishes
  • Fast drying time – can be walked on after just 8 hours
  • QuickSet replaces the cost and time delay of screed
  • Floor finishes can be fitted after 72 hours
LoPro Quickset