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A retrofit underfloor heating system specifically designed for retrofit, whole-house projects, extensions, conservatories and properties with lower levels of insulation.

One of the highest heat outputs available and outstanding response times make LoPro®Max a perfect replacement for a radiator system. Its low height build-up – averaging just 22mm – allows LoPro®Max to be laid on top of existing floors, ideal for running from old rooms to new extensions.

LoPro®Max benefits

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity – heat outputs up to 120W/m2
  • Super-fast response time – can be timed and run as you would a traditional radiator system
  • Just 22mm average height increase over existing floor level
  • Laid over an existing floor with minimal disruption
  • Simple and quick to install
  • High structural and compressive strength
  • One-third of the running cost of electric UFH
  • Range of thermostat options – including wireless
  • Perfectly level surface for tiling
  • Floor coverings can be fitted after 72 hours

See why everyone’s talking about LoPro®Max

An introduction to LoPro®Max, featuring testimonials from customers and kitchen professionals, along with an insight into the product’s development.

LoProMax installer testimonial

Performance – heat output

Nu-Heat’s LoPro®Max system offers an impressive heat output that makes it perfect for renovation projects. As a general rule, hard finishes such as tile and stone will produce the highest heat outputs followed by timber and carpet. Nu-Heat includes heat loss calculations to verify the suitability of the chosen floor finishes and ensure heat output will meet expectations for all fully designed LoPro®Max systems.

Maximum heat output figures for LoPro®Max in living areas based on 10°C differential temperature at 150mm pipe spacing:

Available heat flow (W/m2)
Flow water temperature
95 (limit 75)
119 (limit 75)
142 (limit 75)
Natural stone/tiles
102 (limit 100)
128 (limit 100)
154 (limit 100)
14mm engineered board (glued)
85 (limit 75)
102 (limit 75)
2 tog carpet/underlay
Indicative figures for general guidance only.
Bathroom and en-suites are permitted a maximum heat output of 150W/m2.

Installing LoPro®Max

Because it’s laid on top of an existing floor, installing LoPro®Max is very simple to install.

Easy installation in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Prepare the floor

Repair the floor, filling any gaps

Fit the isolation strip and double sided tape around the edge of the rooms

LoProMax install step 1

Step 2: Lay the tube and connect to manifold

Lay the panel and tube and connect to manifold and pressure test

Fit the expansion strips in doorways, then the floor temperature sensors

Step 3: Mix and pour the compound

The compound is easily mixed by hand or machine

For areas over 100m², we recommend using a screed specialist

Watch our installation video

Installing LoProMax

A Guide To Nu-Heat’s Underfloor Heating Range

Find out more about Nu-Heat’s underfloor heating range, the type of project each system is best suited to, and how they are installed.

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A Guide To Nu-Heat’s Underfloor Heating Range

What’s included?

When you supply the plans for your project our estimation team will take into account factors such as the insulation and proposed floor coverings to ensure that the system we quote is the perfect fit for your project.

Included as standard
Individually designed CAD layouts, schematics, wiring diagrams, floor constructions and system settings
Comprehensive installation manual with full instructions
Fastflo® floor heating tube
LoPro®Max castellated panel fixing system
LoPro®Quickset self-levelling compound
Timeclock (depends on thermostat type)
Bathroom thermostat(s)
Floor temperature sensors
Optiflo wiring centre
Optiflo manifold
Mixing valve and pump assembly
Chosen delivery date
Telephone technical support if required

Innovative LoPro®QuickSet self-levelling compound

LoPro®QuickSet self-levelling compound has been specially developed to provide the perfect combination of strength, viscosity and finish in a formula that is exceptionally quick and easy to use. Added to which it levels uneven floors, providing a new level surface as a perfect base for ceramic tiles or high quality stone finishes.

  • Provides a perfectly level floor surface ideal for laying vinyl, tile and stone floor finishes
  • Fast drying time – can be walked on after just 8 hours
  • QuickSet replaces the cost and time delay of screed
  • Floor finishes can be fitted after 72 hours
LoPro Quickset

Additional LoPro®Quickset self-levelling compound

Sufficient LoPro®QuickSet self levelling compound will always be supplied with the system to accommodate a floor height variation of +/- 2.5mm, over less than 50% of the area. Where the existing floor is uneven additional LoPro®QuickSet self-levelling compound may be required.

Use the table below to calculate the number of bags to order or contact your Technical Account Manager for guidance.

LoPro QuickSet

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