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One of the common challenges when installing warm water underfloor heating in a renovation is height build-up. That’s why we developed LoPro®10, a ‘floating floor’ that is super-slim at just 15mm.

Installed or ‘floated’ straight over the existing floor, LoPro®10 is responsive and provides a good heat output, making underfloor heating an option for most renovation projects. Floor coverings, including carpet, can be fitted directly on top of the system.

LoPro®10 is a practical and economical alternative to a radiator system. It can be used with gas, oil and LPG boilers and can also be paired with a heat pump in the right scenario.

LoPro®10 benefits

  • Super-slim at just 15mm
  • Easy to install – system is laid directly over an existing floor
  • As a mostly dry system, there’s no waiting for thick screeds to dry
  • Suitable for ground and upper floors
  • Compatible with a wide range of floor coverings, from carpet to tiles
LoPro10 Low Profile Underfloor Heating

A Guide To Nu-Heat’s Underfloor Heating Range

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A Guide To Nu-Heat’s Underfloor Heating Range

LoPro®10 system overview

LoPro®10 uses pre-routed gypsum panels to hold the flexible 10mm heating tube in place. These are placed directly on top of the existing floor following the bespoke design provided.

Castellated panels are fitted around the edges of the room to help guide the tube back to the manifold/s. A small amount of self-levelling compound is then poured over these areas to cover the tube. Floor coverings can be fitted directly over the system, including carpet, engineered wood and tiles.

Is LoPro®10 right for your project?

If you are renovating a property that has good levels of insulation, are making improvements to the insulation, or have limited floor-to-ceiling space, LoPro®10 could be the right underfloor heating system for your project.

If the property requires a higher heat output, either because insulation is difficult to improve or because of large amount of windows or bi-fold doors, you may want to take a look at LoPro®Max

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