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Why choose LoPro®10?

LoPro®10 is an award-winning overlay system, designed to allow you to enjoy underfloor heating without dealing with the cost and disruption of digging up your floors. This ultra-slim system adds just 15mm to the existing floor level, making UFH a possibility for many projects, even where floor-to-ceiling space is limited.

Installing LoPro®10 is simple, as the system is mostly dry and can be laid directly over an existing floor, meaning there’s no need to dig up floors or spend hours waiting for thick screed to dry.

In a well-insulated property, LoPro®10 can work with both heat pump and boiler systems, giving you the freedom to choose which is right for your project. Part of our bespoke design service includes factoring in the heat source, along with room-by-room heat loss calculations and exact flow rates to ensure your system is perfectly matched to your project.

LoPro10 retrofit underfloor heating

Features & benefits

Super low-profile 15mm

High heat output

Quick, nearly dry install

Super fast response time

Compatible with heat pumps

Can go over solid or suspended timber

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Why Nu-Heat?

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Bespoke heating design

Our underfloor heating systems are designed and overseen by our experts, to meet the specific needs of your project.
Bespoke heating design

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With our award-winning customer service and support, we ensure you get the best underfloor heating system for your project.
Award-winning service

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We offer lifetime tech support on our underfloor heating systems, so you can rest easy knowing we are always on hand to help.
Lifetime tech support

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Installing LoPro®10

Being a mostly dry install, LoPro®10 is simple to fit, especially with the support of our detailed instruction manual and over-the-phone technical expertise.

Step 1. Prep the subfloor by repairing and levelling concrete, insulating below joists and priming areas where castellated panel will be laid, as shown in your design.

Step 2. Lay the LoPro®10 boards in a brick-bond pattern. To secure them, glue the edges and screw to the subfloor where fitted over suspended timber or floating floors.

Step 3. Lay the castellated panel and fix them in place using the self-adhesive backing.

Step 4 . Finally, lay the pipework in the channels and castellations and pour a small amount of Quickset over the castellated panels. This specially developed formula dries so fast that it can be walked on after 8 hours, with floor coverings added after 72 hours.

Installing LoPro10 Underfloor Heating

What our customers say about LoPro®10

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How do installers rate LoPro10

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LoPro®10 case studies

Real people. Real projects. See the types of properties that LoPro®10 has been installed in and find out why homeowners feel the difference.

We have seen first-hand how Nu-Heat’s low-profile LoPro®10 solution made the most of the ceiling height and maximised space

Ann and Wyndham Collins use LoPro®10 in their dream build.

Heating your home healthily

LoPro®10 performance with different floor coverings

To make sure you get the most out of your system, it’s really important to pair it with the right floor covering. For advice and guidance on picking the right system for you, give one of our Account Managers a call.

Available heat flow (W/m2)
Flow water temperature
Natural stone/tiles (*limit to 100W/m2)
14mm engineered board
2 tog carpet/underlay
*We factor this into the design of your system.

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