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LoProMax Retrofit Underfloor Heating

Why to offer your customers underfloor heating

Underfloor heating offers an efficient and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating methods – especially when paired with renewables such as an air or ground source heat pump – and, due to its flexible design and relatively low running costs, underfloor heating is growing in popularity.

At Nu-Heat we are experts in our field and our bespoke designs make for easy underfloor heating installation.

How to choose the best heating solution

Nu-Heat offers bespoke design underfloor heating systems for new builds and retrofitting, as well as kits for single zones, so whatever home your customers live in, we’ll help you select the best underfloor heating option for the property. Our designs make laying underfloor heating intuitive, especially for a seasoned plumber or heating engineer.

If you want to try before you buy, why not book onto our one day UFH specification course for a chance to get hands on with some of our popular underfloor heating solutions.

UFH knowledge hub

Installing underfloor heating

Fitting Nu-Heat underfloor heating systems really couldn’t be easier – particularly if you are an experienced plumbing and heating engineer.

We also have handy installation videos and trade case studies to help you build your knowledge of fitting underfloor heating. Depending on your customer and the property they live in, there are different underfloor heating options: wet underfloor heating systems or electric underfloor heating options.

Our installation videos offer a step by step guide to electric underfloor heating installation and wet underfloor heating installation. Our Technical Support Team is always on hand to help, as well as providing support to your customers during and after the underfloor heating installation.

How to become a Nu-Heat registered installer:

Once you have installed our underfloor heating systems, you may decide to join our Registered Installer scheme to receive additional benefits and support. Our Registered Installer scheme has been set up to support independent tradespeople, who are experienced and proven installers of Nu-Heat underfloor heating.

We support our Registered Installers by:

  • Referring customers in their area who are looking for the services they can offer – helping to increase their customer base;
  • Providing expert marketing support to help promote and grow their business;
  • Supporting them with product samples and tailored materials to help them sell UFH to their customers;
  • Supplying vehicle stickers to help advertise that they install UFH.

Currently, we have over 200 experienced, independent installers signed up across the country

Underfloor heating installer

Working with Nu-Heat

Nick Cole, Director at NDC Plumbing and Heating, says: “We use Nu-Heat all the time because it is a decent product, they are efficient and good at what they do – and we have built up a good relationship with them over the years.

Nick, who has been a Nu-Heat Registered Installer for the past five years, adds: “What sets Nu-Heat apart from the competition is their design work and their handover manual, which is fairly comprehensive – they give that extra customer service.”

Find out more

If you’re interested in adding underfloor heating installation to your repertoire or in becoming a Nu-Heat Registered Installer, then please get in touch with our friendly team now.

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