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Air source heat pump pros and cons

Figuring out whether an air source heat pump would be right for you can be daunting. With so much information and so many opinions out there, sifting through it all to make a final decision can be a lengthy task in itself.

To make things simpler for you, here are our top 3 air source heat pump advantages and disadvantages:

Air source heat pump disadvantages:

It’s visible

An air source heat pump cannot be covered or boxed in as this would affect its efficiency. As a result, the visibility of the heat pump can be a drawback for some.

Worries about noise

Sound is often a concern for those thinking of installing an air source heat pump, however a correctly installed and commissioned heat pump should actually be very quiet. It is also worth noting that the times when this sound may be noticeable, like summer when you will be using your garden and having windows open, are the times when the heat pump is unlikely to be on as you won’t be using your heating system.

Not as effective in poorly insulated properties

Unfortunately, air source heat pumps are not suited to all properties. For older or poorly insulated properties, an air source heat pump would not be suitable as it would struggle to heat them and would cost too much to run.

Air source heat pump advantages:

Little space required

In comparison to ground source heat pumps, an air source heat pump takes up very little room. The heat pump sits outside of a property and all that’s needed inside is a domestic hot water cylinder and a buffer tank, both of which can generally be stored in a traditional airing cupboard, or similar sized space.

Cost effective renewable heat source

Another great thing about air source heat pumps is they are really cost effective. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the efficiency of your home, installing an air source heat pump will allow you to do this for almost 50% of the cost of a ground source heat pump.

Really efficient

A well designed air source heat pump system will be around 300% efficient. This means for every 1kWh of electrical energy that it uses, you can expect it to output 3kWhs of heat energy.

See if an air source heat pump is right for your home

While an air source heat pump can be suited to a whole range of projects, from new-build to renovations, there are a few key considerations that will indicate whether an air source heat pump is suitable for your home:

  • The property is well insulated – this is important for efficiency and keeping running costs low
  • For an air source heat pump, all you need is room for the unit to be fitted to an exterior wall, with enough space around it to get a good flow of air
  • You are installing, or already have, an underfloor heating system. Air source heat pumps work particularly well with underfloor heating because they are at their most efficient when producing low water temperatures

Still not sure? Use our suitability checker tool to find out for sure.

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