How to be better, faster, stronger and more successful by 2020

Our MD, David Roberts, shares his thought on the challenges and opportunities ahead of us all in 2019.

Nu-Heat MD, David Roberts
Nu-Heat MD David Roberts on why we should be confident – but not complacent – in 2019.
Facing uncertainty with confidence

2019 is already shaping up to be a fascinating year, and we can all be better, faster, stronger and more successful in 12 months’ time.

A new year always brings new hopes and expectations, new dreams and new resolve. But there’s a lot of uncertainty out there, with the potential for Brexit to have an impact on the UK, on the business community and on Nu-Heat. The truth is, we just don’t know what will happen.

Uncertainty can trigger worry and fear and sadly I think there’s going to be a lot of that this year. However, I’ve decided that I’m not going to succumb and let worry hold me back.

Be confident, but not complacent. That is my mantra for 2019.

Worrying doesn’t change anything

Five hundred years ago, the philosopher Michel de Montaigne said: “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.”

Research shows that 85% of things we worry about don’t happen and on average we spend one hour and 50 minutes a day worrying about stuff. That’s nearly 13 hours a week – or about five years across an average lifetime. FIVE YEARS!

Decision made – I am NOT going to spend 676 hours of 2019 worrying about things I can’t do anything about. Instead I am going to invest that time focusing on making good things happen!

Step 1: Have a purpose and a plan

At Nu-Heat our purpose is to make a difference to people’s lives through providing the best possible way to heat their homes, delivering amazing service and a being great place to work. Through doing that brilliantly well, we’re aiming to grow and we’re going for it.

Now, Brexit probably won’t be as bad as some fear and there won’t be a recession this year, but there will be bumps in the road so we’re preparing just in case. Just because we’re confident, doesn’t mean that everyone else will be and low confidence can be bad for business.

Our plan means we can be more confident about what will happen in our market and about what our customers need and want from us. With this awareness we’ll enjoy ourselves more, keep solving and keep serving – all of which will boost our customers’ confidence in us, help us to stay relevant and give us best chance of success.

Step 2: Take action

In uncertain times there is a temptation to put plans on hold, but this is unlikely to bring success. With any plan comes the potential for an upside and a downside. Your current actions are the best predictor of your future, so consider and cover as much of the downside as you need to and then go for it!

The most successful people and companies are not the ones with the best plan – they’re the ones who are best at putting plans into action! Be confident but not complacent!

Step 3: Stick with it and stick together

I need targets to keep me on track and to let me know my plan is working, and we all need a helping hand along the way.

On a personal note, I signed up for Red January this year, an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the positive impact that physical activity can have on mental health. This means I’m doing my mental health some good by doing something active every single day. I’m tracking what I’m doing each day to see what works for me both physically and mentally and I’m looking for specific results. That will tell me if my plan is working.

I’m also telling everyone I meet I’m doing it. This is to raise awareness, but it also means I have more support and motivation. I won’t want to let myself down or the people I’ve told so it increases my chances of success!

The same applies in business – increase your chances of success by making a plan, sharing it, committing to it and tracking the results so you know if your plan is working.

Being confident, not complacent

Let’s be confident but not complacent in ourselves, our businesses and our communities in 2019.

Instead of worrying, let’s invest time in taking action, planning well, sticking with it and sticking together.

That’s how we’ll be better, faster, stronger and more successful by the time we get to 2020 – and have some fun along the way!

Nu-Heat funds specialist care for hospice children

£3,000 raised for children with life-limiting conditions

We are delighted to announce that our fundraising activities for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) have raised over £3,000 to fund specialist care for children with life-limiting conditions.

We raised the funds through our annual charity BBQ and raffle, as well as putting our MD, David Roberts, behind bars for CHSW’s Jail & Bail event. The money raised is enough to fund a specialist children’s nurse for one month at Little Bridge House, CHSW’s hospice near Barnstaple.

David Roberts and Emma Brown of Nu-Heat present £3,000 cheque to Mhairi Bass-Carruthers of CHSW
(L-R) Mhairi Bass-Carruthers of CHSW receives a £3,000 cheque from Emma Brown and David Roberts of Nu-Heat Underfloor Heating & Renewables
Funding a specialist children’s nurse

Mhairi Bass-Carruthers, CHSW Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser, explains:

“Children’s nurses are an integral part of a team that supports families through vital respite breaks, emergency care, and end of life care.

“Nu-Heat’s generous donation will help to ensure that the children and families who visit our Barnstaple children’s hospice are receiving the best possible care. With the support of their children’s nurse, families are able to get through the most difficult of times and can enjoy quality time together making happy memories to treasure, long into the future.”

Supporting CHSW

David Roberts adds:

“We are glad to contribute towards the vital work of Children’s Hospice South West, and make things a little easier for families who are going through the darkest of times. CHSW relies almost entirely upon voluntary donations to offer families across the South West free care and support, and we chose them as our charity of the year in order to do our bit to support them.”

Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts for CHSW. Whether you donated a prize, bought a raffle ticket or helped David raise the bail to get out of jail, your support will make a huge difference to families in the care of CHSW.

Find out more about the work of Children’s Hospice South West.

5 tips for choosing an underfloor heating system to install yourself

5 tips for choosing an underfloor heating system to install yourself

If you are renovating a single area of your home, you might be looking to do much of the work yourself. Whilst traditionally this might involve painting and decorating, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider fitting the underfloor heating (UFH) yourself too – but it is important to choose the right system.

Here are 5 top tips for choosing a UFH system for DIY installation:

1.Consider the weight of the UFH system

It might seem a strange place to start, but the logistics of moving your UFH components where they need to be should not be overlooked. If you are tackling the installation yourself, you don’t want to waste time and effort lugging pallet loads of heavy components into the right part of the house. Choose a lightweight system and your back will thank you.

2.Choose quality

There’s an old adage that says ‘if you buy cheap, you pay twice’. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy the most expensive UFH system that you can find, but it does mean that you should choose a quality product that will save you both time and money in the long run.

3.Opt for a low-profile system

When you are renovating a property and fitting UFH over the existing floor, it is important to choose a low-profile system that minimises any disruption to fixtures and fittings. Some systems add as little as 15mm total height build-up.

4.Ditch the screed for a quicker, easier install

Choosing a completely dry UFH system avoids the need to call in specialist screeding contractors, and also means there is no waiting around for the compound to dry. Floor coverings can then be fitted immediately.

5.Choose a system with pre-routed channels for the tube

Make life easier for yourself by choosing a UFH system where the channels for the tube are already in place. Pre-routed panels and boards make it straightforward to run the tube around the room and back to the manifold, changing direction when needed. They also hold the tube securely in place.

LoPro®Lite – the ideal DIY UFH solution

Lightweight, low-profile, versatile and completely dry, LoPro®Lite is a retrofit UFH system that has been designed to be easy to install. The latest addition to Nu-Heat’s award-winning LoPro® range, LoPro®Lite is available as both a designed whole-house system and a high-quality OneZone® kit for single rooms or areas.

LoPro®Lite consists of pre-routed, high-density EPS (expanded polystyrene) boards which have an excellent point-load strength, and add just 15mm (the height of a 5p coin) to the existing floor level before the floor deck. Diffuser plates sit in the straight sections of the boards to enhance heat distribution from the 10mm FastFlo® tube, and a standard chipboard deck is laid over the top of the panels and UFH tube before floor coverings are fitted.

Get in touch

Find out more about LoPro®Lite OneZone® kits

Call 01404 549770 or to discuss UFH solutions for your home.

Nu-Heat MD behind bars for children’s charity

Locked up for a good cause

Our Managing Director, David Roberts, is preparing to be put behind bars next month in support of the Nu-Heat’s nominated charity of the year, Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW).

Found guilty of misplaced sporting loyalties, David will be locked up at Exeter Castle on Friday 21st September as part of the charity’s Jail & Bail fundraiser.

Nu-Heat MD David Roberts needs to raise £999 bail for Children’s Hospice South West to secure his release
Complete lack of remorse

Showing no remorse for his heinous crime of supporting Bristol Bears rugby club whilst living and working in Exeter Chiefs territory, David’s only hope of release is to raise bail of £999 from his cell. All the money raised will be donated to CHSW.

Time off for good behaviour

David Roberts explains:

“Whilst I have little chance of being found innocent, I am hoping to be let out early for good behaviour on account of my fundraising efforts! We chose Children’s Hospice South West as Nu-Heat’s charity of the year in order to do our bit for this important cause. The work that CHSW do to provide care for children across the region who have life-limiting conditions, as well as support for their families, is awe-inspiring – and definitely worth getting locked up for.

“I’m determined to raise as much as possible for CHSW, so am putting out an early plea for donations towards my bail target, which will be added to the money we have already raised at Nu-Heat through our annual charity raffle and fundraising events. To make a donation, please visit my fundraising page.”

The race is on

Find out if David earns his get out of jail card in time by following Nu-Heat on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Find out more about the work of Children’s Hospice South West.