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Nu-Heat’s Design Team pick up projects after your quote has been agreed. Initially they will be in contact to confirm all of the specific details and to obtain a greater level of information in order to be able to complete an accurate system design.

The team deal with a wide range of project types and successfully design unique, bespoke systems to meet requirements. They’re a team with a varied working week, constantly solving unusual and challenging situations that require the Designers to come up with intelligent solutions to complex heating scenarios.

Following on from our last post, we find out a bit more about James Morfey, Clarke, Adrian and Adam Thomas.

Design Team
Nu-Heat’s Design Team, from left to right: Adam Noah, Chris, Matthew, James Lavers, Tom, Adrian, Adam Thomas, Julie, John, James Morfey and Clarke

How long have you been at Nu-Heat and what did you do before?

James M: I’ve been here for 4 years now. I studied Architectural Engineering at Cardiff University before joining Nu-Heat, initially as part of the Technical Support Team.

Clarke: Just over 2 years. I started out in the Technical Support Team having been at university before joining Nu-Heat, studying Sports Technology. I also spent four years working for the Civil Service in a customer service role.

Adam T: Around 7 years. I used to manage a factory which produced timber frame houses.

Adrian: 13 years. Previously I worked as a Production Engineer for a military radio manufacturer.

What’s the best thing about being a part of the Design Team?

Adrian: I really enjoy dealing with the customer, especially on the large and more complicated projects. I know we have ethically and professionally designed their system from start to finish, so the customer has complete confidence that their heating system is going to work as required.

James M: Being part of a dedicated team – there’s a great mentality in the Design Team.

Clarke: The atmosphere within the team. Everyone works together to combine knowledge and expertise to be able to design and supply a quality heating system.

Adam T: The Design Team has a great atmosphere and togetherness that’s difficult to find in most companies.

Do you have a favourite product or project?

Adam T: I really enjoyed designing the Spinney project for the DIY SOS Children in Need special.

Adrian: My favourite project I’ve worked on is a multi-million pound refurbishment in Ascot for a Russian millionaire!

James M: It’s difficult to pick a project, although we do design a fair few ‘celebrity’ houses!

Clarke: The DIY SOS Big Build for Children in Need. I helped to install the UFH that we donated.

You can find out more about Nu-Heat’s design process in one of our recent posts, ‘What makes a good UFH design?‘.

In our next Meet the Team post, we’ll be speaking with the last 4 designers in the team: Tom, Terry, Julie and John.

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