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Nu-Heat Product Development Team
Nu-Heat’s Product Development Team, from left to right: Shane (Development Engineer), Richard (Senior Systems Engineer), Chris (Senior Development Engineer), Debbie (Project Manager), Peter (Development Support Engineer) and Heather (Product Development Manager)

At Nu-Heat we’re lucky to have our own Product Development Team who work to develop and test all of our innovative underfloor heating systems. They also carry out the important job of maintaining and continuously improving our existing range of products and market-leading calculation & design software.

For our first ‘Meet the Team’ post, we ask Product Development to tell us a bit more about their important roles in Nu-Heat…

What do you do, day-to-day, as part of the Product Development Team?

Heather:  I  deal with all of the team management and work with other department managers on company projects and strategy.  I also write the installation manuals and other more technical supporting literature that we provide to our customers.

Richard:  I’m involved in developing products as well as developing and maintaining our internal systems that help generate our quotes, designs, order generation and stock control.

Debbie:  As the Project Manager I work with several managers across Nu-Heat to coordinate the work involved in bringing a project to fruition.

Shane:  I’m an Engineer, so innovation ranks highly in my working week – we’re always thinking about the next project and there’s never a slow moment!

Chris:  I work mostly on new product introductions, as well as involvement in maintaining Nu-Heat’s existing products.  Purchasing is another facet, which encompasses all aspects of our product portfolio.

Peter:  I help the company with any technical issues and assist our Development Engineers with their projects.  I also manage smaller maintenance projects on existing products to make sure they’re working as they should, or to improve them if needed.

What did you do before joining Nu-Heat?

Richard:  I’ve been at Nu-Heat for 11 years now.  Before then, I worked in electronics quality assurance and database development for a manufacturing company.  I also have a Masters Degree in Engineering & Management.

Peter:  I’m a fully qualified electrician and before Nu-Heat I was a Fire and Security Alarms Engineer.  I worked in this specialist field for ten years with a few of those spent doing mainstream domestic, commercials and industrial electrical service and install work.

Chris:  I have been with Nu-Heat for quite some time, having just celebrated (with cake) ten years.  I joined the company straight from university and have had a few job titles here, originally being part of the Technical Department, who at the time were responsible for new products.

Heather:  I spent 15 years working in civil engineering doing road, bridge and drainage design before returning to university to study Graphic Design.  I also worked as a book designer and illustrator at a private press, followed by time at an advertising agency.

Debbie:  I’ve been at Nu-Heat for nine years and am currently studying for a Diploma in Project Management.  Before I joined, I worked as the Office Supervisor for the Plastic Surgeon – specialists in repairing properties and vehicles, not people!

Shane:  I was studying for my Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  My dissertation subject was an evaluation of renewable technologies and their potential to meet the heating demands of domestic swimming pools.  I was obviously attracted to Nu-Heat because of their involvement in the renewables sector!

What do you like about Product Development?

Shane:  There are many good things.  Of course, spending time in ‘The Shed’ planning experiments and testing products is great fun.  That said, it’s not the prospect of testing that makes day after day an enjoyable experience, but the people.  I am very fortunate to work with an excellent team of skilled Engineers.

Chris:  I like that often it’s the smaller projects that are interesting – we aren’t just focused around big product launches and work to improve our systems all the time.

Heather:  On a practical level I enjoy writing and illustrating manuals but I also like developing strategy and project planning.

Richard:  In the office, I like working on database development.  I’m also involved in some hands-on work and enjoy product testing, such as monitoring one of our system’s floor heat outputs.

Peter:  My favourite part of my role is not knowing what my next project might be – every day is different and no two queries are the same.

Can you pick a favourite Nu-Heat product or project that you’ve worked on?

Heather:  LoPro®Max because it is such a good and well resolved solution!

Chris:  We’ve recently developed a new tool for producing our LoPro® castellated panel, in conjunction with our supplier in Germany.  It was interesting to see the manufacturing facility and work with their development department.  At the end of the process there is something tangible that is an improvement over the previous offering – that’s very satisfying.

Richard:  My favourite system has to be new LoPro®Max and also our extensive Handover Pack because it works well and customers really like it.

Shane:  Most recently I have been involved in the introduction of the new NIBE ASHP range.  It’s been a challenging and informative project.  I still find myself drawn to the benefits of the EnergyPro solar collector, probably because it sits so closely to the work I did for my dissertation.

Peter:  I’m relatively new to the team, so am still waiting for the products I’ve been working on to be released!


Keep an eye out for our next Meet the Team post where we’ll be talking with Business Development, the team that help selfbuilders and installers to choose the right underfloor heating and renewables solution for their projects.

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