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Nu-Heat's smart controls

Heating control from a smartphone or tablet.

Choosing a smart control option gives instant control of heating and hot water from anywhere via Nu-Heat’s neoApp. Not only can this save money, it also ensures that the home is warm and welcoming when required. And by setting up different profiles for the weekend, work patterns, month or season, the neoApp offers customised control to suit every lifestyle.

The neo smart system

Simply choose one of the neo programmable thermostats, either the neoStat or neoAir, and add the neoHub to create a smart system that delivers outstanding control on the move. It offers the convenience of controlling a property’s heating and hot water at any time and from any location via a smartphone or tablet.

The neo system removes the need to engage directly with timeclocks or thermostats. Instead, the neoApp gives control of the settings for any room with a neo thermostat by just a few quick screen taps.

Adding a neoUltra to any system using programmable thermostats and a neoHub provides the functionality to control both heating and domestic hot water from a central control point in the property.

How it works

The neo system becomes an advanced heating control solution when paired with the neoHub. It is compatible with the hard-wired neoStat and the battery-powered, wireless neoAir thermostat along with the signal-boosting neoPlug, meaning any type of project can enjoy smart control.

OneZone™ SmartStat

The SmartStat is one of the thermostat options available with Nu-Heat’s OneZone™ underfloor heating kits, along with the wireless neoAir.

The SmartStat is a hard-wired thermostat with built in smart functionality. It offers the same flexible control via a smartphone or tablet as the neo system, but without the need for the additional neoHub. The SmartStat is a good option for single zone systems, giving all of the benefits of smart control in one neat unit. For any multi-zone systems, we would recommend the neoStat or neoAir smart packages.

How to upgrade

Install neo and upgrade to smart controls in the future
Install a neoStat or neoAir thermostat now and it is simple to integrate them with the neoHub for smart control via smartphone or tablet at any time in the future.

Switching existing thermostats to neoStats
In most situations wired thermostats can be easily upgraded to neoStats without the need for any additional wiring. By adding the neoHub, there is also the benefit of the additional remote control functionality via a smartphone or tablet.

Central network control panel
Add a neoUltra to your programmable thermostat (neoStat or neoAir) and neoHub package for complete control of all heating and domestic hot water requirements from a central control point in the home.

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