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  1. Photographic entries must be of the entrant’s home and feature Nu-Heat products purchased by the entrant.
  2. Entries must be uploaded to www.nu-heat.co.uk/show-us-your-beautiful-home/
  3. We accept no responsibility for entries lost, damaged or delayed when uploaded.
  4. Unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted and there is no obligation to feedback on any photographic entry.
  5. A panel of judges will select which entries are suitable to be featured as part of a case study on the Nu-Heat website.
  6. The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence can be entered into.
  7. The entrants must be the sole owner of copyright in all photos entered.
  8. All entries must be original and must not be subject to copyright restrictions from third parties.
  9. Copyright in all images submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants. Entrants who are selected to be featured on the website grant Nu-Heat a nonexclusive irrevocable licence to reproduce, enlarge, publish and exhibit for any purpose in any medium, including but not limited to print, digital, social media and physical displays.
  10. The entrant must have obtained permission of any people featured as subjects in the entries, who are clearly identifiable in the image.
  11. Contact details will need to be provided, including the entrant’s name, telephone number or email address. Personal details will only be used for the purpose of contacting entrants selected to provide information necessary for a case study and will not be published or provided to anyone outside of Nu-Heat without the entrant’s permission.
  12. Entrants who are selected by Nu-Heat to feature as a case study will only receive £250 once Nu-Heat has published the case study on the Nu-Heat website.
  13. Nu-Heat is under no obligation to publish the case study within a given timeframe and reserves the right not to proceed with the creation of a case study using images and information provided by the entrant at any point.
  14. Entrants selected to feature on the website agree to participate in either a video call or telephone call and to answer a series of questions regarding their experiences of Nu-Heat products and Nu-Heat services, and agree for this call to be recorded for the purposes of creating a written case study for the Nu-Heat website.
  15. Should entrants either be unavailable or unable to provide sufficient information for a case study, or should Nu-Heat decide not to progress the entry to a case study, the entrant’s images and any other information provided will not be used, and £250 will not be awarded.
  16. We reserve the right to cancel this initiative or alter any of the rules at any stage.