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Controllability is an important consideration when installing underfloor heating – one of the biggest areas of wastage from a heating system is down to poor controls.

Lifestyle tends to dictate the amount of controllability required. Will there be a benefit to thermostats that offer remote controllability, enabling the heating to be turned on or off on the way home from work, or in a holiday home? For someone who spends most of their time at home with a standard routine, a simple dial stat may meet requirements perfectly.

To help make the choice of thermostat easier, we look at the five most popular in our range, explaining what they offer and the projects they are most suited to.

Nu-Heat neoStats
neoStat with optional neoHub and app

  • An all singing, all dancing thermostat that allows remote control of the heating system through a downloadable app
  • Holiday, temperature hold and temperature over-ride functions to name a few
  • The energy saving Optimum Start calculates the amount of heat up time required to ensure warmth when needed, automatically adjusting this throughout the year

Dial thermostat
Standard dial thermostat

  • Offers simple and effective individual room-by-room control
  • Similar to standard central heating controls, so most will be familiar with this type of stat and how it operates
  • Suitable for the majority of projects

PbS thermostat
Push button programmable thermostat

  • Individually programmable time and temperature control. Programmable thermostats help improve energy efficiency and responsiveness as rooms are controlled at the precise temperature required throughout the day
  • Particularly suitable where different areas of the house need to be programmed to heat at different times of the day, such as heating bedrooms for shorter periods and living rooms from late afternoon into the evening
  • Suitable for the majority of projects

PbR thermostat
Wireless programmable thermostat

  • Due to being wireless, these thermostats can be fitted into an existing building without the need to chase wiring into the walls, causing less disruption
  • Same functionality as the push button programmable thermostat
  • Often the best choice for renovation projects

Central touchscreen console
Low voltage programmable thermostat and central touchscreen console

  • The best solution for larger new-build projects that incorporate building management control systems (BMS) as they integrate seamlessly with whole house monitoring and control systems
  • The touchscreen console makes it simple to programme and adjust all the thermostats from one central position, meaning individual thermostats can be hidden away in a cupboard

You can find out more information on our thermostat range on the Nu-Heat website.

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