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Underfloor heating thermostat

The neoStat is a programmable thermostat that can be partnered with the neoHub to unlock a wider range of ‘smart’ functions. It’s a great solution for a homeowner looking for precise and flexible control of their heating system.

The neo vs. standard thermostats

Nu-Heat offers a range of programmable thermostats, with the neo being one. The main difference is that the neoStat can offer remote control of the heating system through a downloadable app. By upgrading to the neoHub and syncing the neo system to a smartphone or tablet, it opens up features such as Geo-Location which enables the thermostat to switch the heating on and off depending on the user’s proximity to the property.

The neoStat ensures that the underfloor heating system is perfectly timed and set to match the lifestyle of the homeowner.

Installing a neoStat

The neoStat is installed like any other wired thermostat and is suitable for any project. The neoHub is required to enable access to the app and remote functionality. The Hub looks similar to a wireless router used for connecting to the internet.

Because each individual neoStat in the property can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, there is no need to directly engage with the thermostats. If decoration of the property is very minimalist, the remote control option, via the downloadable Nu-Heat App, means that the thermostats can be hidden away, out of sight.

neoStat underfloor heating thermostat

Functions of the neo system

Aside from the standard functions you’d expect from a thermostat, the neo system also offers:

  • Geo-Location
    This function makes use of the user’s phone location services to turn the heating off when a certain distance away from the property and back on again when returning. This can be a great back-up that will automatically turn the heating off when the property is empty – perfect for weekends when the heating may be programmed to be on all day.
  • Optimum Start
    This delays the start-up of the heating system to the latest possible moment to avoid unnecessary heating and ensure the property is warm at the programmed time. Optimum Start uses the rate of temperature change information to calculate how long the heating needs to raise the building temperature 1⁰C and starts the heating accordingly. The neo automatically adjusts the heat-up time throughout the year.
  • Holiday mode
    A function most are familiar with, holiday mode reduces the set temperature in the property to the frost protection temperature setting. It will them automatically return to the program mode on the homeowner’s return.
  • Sensor selection
    The neoStat enables a choice to select between air temperature, floor temperature, or both. When both sensors are enabled, the floor sensor is used as a floor limiting sensor and is designed to prevent the floor from overheating.

Find out more about the neoStat and watch a video here. You can also give us a call on 01404 540650.

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