Everything you need to know about heat pumps

Everything you need to know about heat pumps

We’ve produced a new video providing all the information you need to know about air and ground source heat pumps. Technical Account Manager, Rachel Roberts, who has over 17 years’ experience with heat pumps and integrated underfloor heating systems, talks through the products and their benefits.

This video answers the most commonly asked questions we hear, covering:

  • What is a heat pump? (0:12)
  • Choosing the right heat pump (0:48)
  • Is a heat pump right for your project? (2:35)
  • Choosing the right heating system (3:44)
  • Other renewable solutions (4:17)

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2 comments on “Everything you need to know about heat pumps

  1. Hello Nu heat
    We had a ground source hat pump installed together with underfloor heating in 2008.
    The system works well but we have had terrible problems with ice forming around the underground loops causing the stone slab footpath to lift 100mm every year and then drop again therefore having to be relaid.
    We are currently in the process of organising the system to be ripped out and an oil fired boiler to be installed. It is a shame as the NIBE1240 fighter is still perfectly good and the problem is probably due to the pipes being laid too close together in the garden.
    I have contacted a company called Geomole with view to installing their moling system and waiting on a response.
    Can you help?
    Wayne Saxon
    The Old school
    Lower Brailes
    OX15 5HP

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your ground source heat pump. I have spoken with Peter, our Development Support Engineer, about your query and this is his response:

      “The ground can freeze, showing signs on the surface as you describe, if the pipes are too close together and/or too close to the surface. I’ve assumed that the pipes causing the issue are the main flow and return coming into the building, as you have said the footpath is lifting?

      Generally speaking pipes should be around 1 metre below the surface and on the run up to a building they should be insulated to ensure they do not freeze the ground around them. If this is the not case, then depending on the depth and length before the pipes return to being the correct depth, the pipes could be exposed and lagged to help prevent the freezing you describe.

      Another option is to renew the flow and return pipework at a lower depth. The Geomole option could work in your installation as it’s only a small section you’re looking to renew.”

      I hope this helps and you are able to keep your heat pump.


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