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Retrofit underfloor heating

You may have heard that in the past, underfloor heating (UFH) wasn’t really an option for renovation projects.  It’s true.  Retrofitting could be difficult and time consuming, often involved ripping up the existing floor and digging down to avoid inches of height build-up.

Now though, you can forget all of the above.  Our Product Development Team has spent years working on the very best retrofit UFH solutions on the market, bringing together the award-winning LoPro® range.  Thanks to these systems that are simply laid over any existing floor, warm water UFH is an option for virtually any property.

Renovating is the perfect time to install UFH

Renovating a property offers the perfect opportunity to update the heating system – no excuses!  UFH is an invisible heating system and completely non-intrusive.  Unlike a radiator system, it needs no wall space which leaves complete freedom for placing fittings, fixtures and furniture

Pretty much any property can enjoy warm water UFH but first and foremost, it is important to consider the insulation levels of the property and whether or not these can/should be improved.  We can give you guidance on this to make sure your system performs all year round.

OK, so what if…

The floor levels are uneven

Not a problem.  This is easy to solve with LoPro®Max thanks to its specialist self-levelling compound.  The system leaves a perfectly level floor surface which is ready for a wide range of floor coverings including tiles, natural stone, engineered timber and vinyls.

There’s little room for height build-up

Both of our LoPro® systems are low profile at 15mm and 22mm in total.  Always check the overall height build-up of the solution – do you have to add a structural deck on top, or can you fit floor coverings directly over the system to save on height?  Floor coverings can go directly over the LoPro® range.

The build schedule is tight

The install time is a big advantage of many retrofit UFH systems.  Unlike traditional UFH, they steer clear of traditional screeds and their long drying times.  If the build schedule is particularly tight, LoPro®10 could be the right solution.  As a dry system, it can be installed at any stage of the build.  LoPro®Max could also be an option.  It can be installed in a single day and the self-levelling compound can be walked on after just eight hours, meaning other trades can carry on as normal.

There’s loads of glazing

This is where the heat output and design of the system really matters.  Heat loss calculations are essential and mean that the system installed can perform.  For a renovation with lots of glazing or lower levels of insulation, a higher heat output is needed.  LoPro®Max fits this type of project well, offering an output that’s 50% higher than other retrofit solutions available.

The room shapes are unusual

Installing warm water UFH in unusually shaped rooms is simple, especially when using a system that is laid over the existing floor.  LoPro®Max’s castellated panel is easy to cut to shape and it also offers a flexible tube layout.

The LoPro® solutions

You can find out more about the LoPro® range, specifically designed for renovations, on our website.

If you have any questions give us a call on 01404 540560.

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