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LoProMax laying pipe

New LoPro®Max is different to all the other retrofit underfloor heating (UFH) solutions on the market. Our Product Development Team spent months researching and testing the product to offer a system that really does respond as quickly to a radiator and that can easily reach a heat output that’s 50% higher than other standard retrofit systems.

One of the key differences of LoPro®Max to all the other systems out there is that it’s a wet solution that uses our specialist self-levelling compound, LoPro®QuickSet. The system utilises a robust castellated panel to hold the tube, simply laid over the existing floor. Once the tube is installed and the system has been pressure tested, the compound is mixed and poured.

We’ve had feedback from installers, and they have all been impressed with how simple the system is to install – right up to finishing the compound stage.

See how LoPro®Max is installed in this step-by-step video:


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5 Must Ask Questions About Underfloor Heating

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