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Interested in underfloor heating, but unsure whether it’s right for your home? We offer a tailored UFH design service.

Our intelligent software takes the guesswork out of underfloor heating design. Here’s how we plan the best solution for your property – from choosing the right underfloor heating pipe spacing, to planning a bespoke CAD design layout.

Optimiser – Heat Loss Assessment Software

Optimiser uses room-by-room heat-loss calculations to ensure the precise performance of the system in every part of the property. This ensures that the underfloor heating layout offers maximum efficiency throughout your home.

Our software factors floor coverings into the underfloor heating design, which can impact on the heating response time. Optimiser also considers variables like ventilation losses, location and even the orientation of the property.

Underfloor Heating Design & Pipe Layout

With this information, our underfloor heating planners can produce bespoke CAD design and pipe layouts.

These detail the complete underfloor heating layout ready for installation including:

  • Pipe spacing layout designs
  • Manifold settings and locations
  • Entire heating system schematics
  • Electrical wiring diagrams

Predictor – Heat Pump Design Software

Our heat pump design software, Predictor, assesses performance based on your project’s criteria, calculating the right heat pump technology for your project. Ideal for if you’re unsure whether a heat pump is right for your home.

Predictor runs a simulation of air source heat pump or ground source heat pump performance over an average year. This is based on local monthly weather data from the Met Office and taking account of the changing seasons.

Unlike other simulation software, Predictor uses the daily temperature cycle, including cold nights and warm days, rather than the average daily temperature. This ensures a more accurate picture of a heat pump’s cost and performance in your home.

Considering real-life usage, Predictor provides:

  • Annual energy usage and running cost predictions
  • An energy summary for MCS compliance and certification
  • Annual Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) figure and star rating for RHI annual payment figures
  • A comparison with other fuel options such as gas and oil

If you’re interested in heat pump or underfloor heating design, or using both together, we can predict the best heating layout for you using our software. Optimiser and Predictor help us create whole-house heating systems, tailored to your needs.