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DIY underfloor heating

If you are renovating a single area of your home, you might be looking to do much of the work yourself. Whilst traditionally this might involve painting and decorating, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider fitting the underfloor heating (UFH) yourself too. But it is important to choose the right DIY underfloor heating kit or system.

1. Think about heat output

Is the room you are looking to heat well insulated, like a new extension? Or does it have several windows and high ceilings? It’s important to consider the fabric of the building as this will affect the heat output your DIY UFH kit needs to provide. Not sure which kit to choose? We are always on hand to help you select the best solution for the scenario.

2. Choose a high quality system or kit

There’s an old adage that says ‘if you buy cheap, you pay twice’. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy the most expensive UFH system that you can find, but it does mean that you should choose a quality product that will save you both time and money in the long run.

3. Opt for a low-profile system

When you are renovating a property and fitting UFH over the existing floor, it is important to choose a low-profile system that minimises any disruption to fixtures and fittings. Some systems add as little as 15mm total height build-up. Our LoPro® range includes popular DIY wet (warm water) underfloor heating solutions that are available as easy-to-fit OneZone® kits.

We asked DIY expert Jon at Warton Woodworks for his opinion on UFH:

“Many properties are becoming more open plan, which means there is limited wall space for traditional radiators. Underfloor heating is an efficient way of heating a large open plan room, whilst freeing up wall space for furniture.” – Jon Warton of Warton Woodworks

4. Consider the weight of the UFH system

It might seem a strange feature to consider, but the logistics of moving UFH components where they need to be should not be overlooked. If you’re planning a DIY underfloor heating installation, you probably want to avoid lugging pallet loads of heavy components into the right part of the house. If this is a concern, choose a lightweight system and your back will thank you.

5. Always enlist a plumber to finish the installation

Any competent DIYer can fit the floor components of an UFH kit – helpful when sticking to a budget! But when it comes to setting up the manifold and running the pipework back to the boiler, it’s essential to call in a plumber. They will be able to finish the installation, commission the UFH, and double-check the system is working as it should be.

DIY wet underfloor heating

“Underfloor heating is more efficient in two different ways. Firstly, it gives you the feeling you are warmer than you are, as you feel the heat directly under your feet. Secondly, it heats your whole room uniformly, which helps to eliminate cold spots. Overall, underfloor heating helps save money on heating bills as it reduces the time the heating is on.” – Jon Warton of Warton Woodworks

LoPro®Lite – the ideal DIY underfloor heating installation

DIY underfloor heating kit

Lightweight, low-profile, versatile and completely dry, LoPro®Lite is a retrofit underfloor heating system that has been designed to be easy to install. The latest addition to Nu-Heat’s award-winning LoPro® range, LoPro®Lite is available as both a designed whole-house system and a high-quality OneZone® DIY wet (warm water) underfloor heating kit for single rooms or areas.

LoPro®Lite consists of pre-routed, high-density EPS (expanded polystyrene) boards which have an excellent point-load strength, and add just 15mm (the height of a 5p coin) to the existing floor level before the floor deck. Diffuser plates sit in the straight sections of the boards to enhance heat distribution from the 10mm FastFlo tube, and a standard chipboard deck can then be laid over the top of the panels and UFH tube before floor coverings are fitted.

LoPro®Max and LoPro®10 underfloor heating systems

LoPro®Max is another low-profile option, also available as a designed whole-house underfloor heating system or as a OneZone® DIY underfloor heating kit. It offers higher heat outputs, making it ideal for rooms that can be difficult to heat, such as conservatories or garden rooms. LoPro®Max is simple to install, as it is laid directly over the existing floor deck.

LoPro®10 is our award-winning, original low-profile retrofit heating solution, available as a designed whole-house underfloor heating system. LoPro®10 is floated over the existing floor and is super-slim at just 15mm. The system is mostly dry, with just a small amount of self-levelling compound needed to cover the pre-routed UFH tubes.

Find out more about LoPro® DIY underfloor heating systems

What about DIY electric underfloor heating systems?

As well as DIY wet underfloor heating, which uses warm water and tubes, we also offer a DIY electric underfloor heating system. Nu-Heat’s ElectroMat® OneZone® is an easy-to-install kit, ideal for tiled rooms like bathrooms or kitchens.

“Floor tiles can feel cold on your feet all year round when using traditional heating methods. However, underfloor heating makes floor tiles feel nice and warm, giving you the comfort you desire. They also take full advantage of the fact heat rises, heating you from head to toe. Floor tiles will stay warm for a period of time even when the heating is turned off.” – Jon Warton of Warton Woodworks

DIY electric underfloor heating is quick and simple for anyone to install, but is only cost-effective in smaller rooms because of the higher running costs. If you are looking to heat a larger space, we’d recommend warm water DIY wet underfloor heating systems like LoPro®.

How can Nu-Heat help with DIY underfloor heating?

Whatever the situation or criteria of the project, Nu-Heat can provide an UFH solution that will suit you. We can advise on which parts of the installation can be carried out by you, and which will need help from an installer. Whether you want a designed, whole-house system or a DIY underfloor heating kit, our friendly team offers expert advice to ensure you’re getting the best value for money. Just give us a call to find out more.

Call 01404 549770 or info@nu-heat.co.uk to discuss underfloor heating solutions for your home.

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