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Warm water underfloor heating versus electric UFH

Underfloor heating offers many benefits, but one of the biggest is its energy efficiency. Unlike radiators, which heat a small area with high water temperatures (around 65-75°C), underfloor heating uses a larger surface area to achieve comfortable warmth with much lower temperatures (35-45°C). Studies show this can make underfloor heating up to 25% more efficient.

This efficiency can be improved even further – up to 40%! – when paired with a heat pump. As both systems are designed to work using low temperatures, they work together perfectly for ultimate efficiency.

While the upfront installation cost of warm water underfloor heating can be higher than traditional radiator systems, underfloor heating offers greater potential long-term savings. UFH systems can last 25 years or more with proper care, offering consistent efficiency throughout their lifespan.

In short, the numbers speak for themselves. Underfloor heating delivers real energy savings that can benefit your wallet and the environment. If you’re looking for a comfortable and efficient heating solution, underfloor heating is definitely worth considering.

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