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Does Underfloor Heating Increase Property Value

Did you know that underfloor heating can actually add value to your home, allowing you to demand a higher sale price should you choose to sell up?

How Does Underfloor Heating Increase Property Value?

There are a number of reasons why installing underfloor heating could add value to your property.


When it comes to property value, perceived quality often plays a large role in the price achieved. If a house is finished to a high standard, the seller is more likely to receive a higher sale price for it. The installation of underfloor heating shows you have opted for a high-end heating system, offering comfort and a pleasant warmth underfoot. This added appeal can therefore drive up the price.

Luxury underfloor heating

Space Saving

Not only is underfloor heating a luxurious addition to your home but it is also practical. Underfloor heating efficiently warms your home with the entire floor area acting as a heat emitter. This allows you to save wall space (no radiators!!), making rooms look better and means placement of furniture is unrestricted. This added flexibility appeals to buyers, helping to add value to your property.

Energy Efficiency

Underfloor heating can also help you to save money on bills, as well as adding value, due to the energy efficiency of underfloor heating systems. Radiators tend to run at a water temperature of 65-75 degrees celsius, whereas underfloor heating systems need to be heated to around 29 degrees celsius, depending on your home’s insulation and the flooring type. The lower the flow temperature, the less energy required to heat the water.

In addition to this, as UFH spans the whole floor, there are no cold spots that are common with radiators. Cold spots often lead people to turn up the heating, resulting in higher bills. By installing an UFH system, homeowners can save up to 15% on their energy bills. This cost saving is a great selling point for homes with UFH.

Cost of ground source heat pump


Briefly mentioned above, the type of flooring can affect the energy efficiency of underfloor heating systems. This is something to consider before installation. The flooring best suited to underfloor heating tends to be higher quality, such as hard woods or polished concrete as it conducts heat more easily. This in itself adds to the luxury feel of the home and the overall finish.

Health and Cleanliness

As underfloor heating systems are designed for use with hard floors, they can also help to keep your home cleaner and even promote good health. This is because hard floors are easier to clean, meaning there is less likely to be dust in the air. This may be beneficial for those who suffer with asthma or allergies.

Save energy and money with a heat pump

Easy Maintenance

Underfloor heating systems are also super easy to maintain. Once installed, there is virtually no maintenance to think about. Heating can be controlled via thermostats within the home, and can even be adjusted per zone/room. When people are buying a new property a common consideration is ‘how much work needs to be done to the house?’ or ‘ what work may need to be done in the future?’ The maintenance or fixing of traditional heating systems can be expensive and so a buyer may pay a premium for the peace of mind an underfloor heating system can provide.

Energy Source Compatibility

For the energy conscious, underfloor heating systems are also compatible with a wide range of energy sources including air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. This means that a buyer is able to install their preferred energy source and do their bit for the environment without worry, potentially adding value by future proofing the home.

So there you have it… 7 ways installing underfloor heating can increase the value of your property!

Air Source Heat Pump

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