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LoPro10®, Nu-Heat’s low profile underfloor heating solution, is the ideal luxury heating system for loft conversions.

  • A genuine alternative to radiators, underfloor heating frees up limited wall space, offers a more comfortable heat and is more efficient to run
  • Because LoPro10® sits on top of the floor deck, limited modification is required
  • Improved acoustic performance between the loft conversion and existing rooms as LoPro10® adds mass to timber upper floors at 15kg/m2
  • A quick and easy installation – simply follow the grooves in the board!

LoPro10® has a minimal height build-up of just 15mm and excellent thermal properties. It can be fitted on top of the existing floor deck, making it an ideal warm water underfloor heating solution for retrofit projects as well as new build.

LoPro10® can be overlaid with 4-6mm plywood for direct carpeting and vinyls, tiles can be glued directly to its surface and other floor coverings such as natural timber, laminates and engineered floors can be ‘floated’ directly over the panel without the need for battening.

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