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Underfloor heating in Bungalow kitchen
UFH in Bungalow
Underfloor heating in Bungalow


"Underfloor heating was pretty high on the wish list for our client who were keen to avoid unsightly radiators and needed as much wall space as possible to allow for the large amounts of glazing they had planned" - Dean, Make A Loft A Home


LoPro®10 underfloor heating

The use of Nu-Heat’s low profile underfloor heating solution within a recent renovation allowed a once cramped and dated 70s bungalow to be transformed into a luxury modern home with vaulted ceilings, vast amounts of glazing and large open living spaces.
Underfloor heating in Bungalow
Make A Loft A Home were responsible for the full renovation of the bungalow, including the installation of 190m2 of Nu-Heat’s award-winning LoPro®10 underfloor heating. Although Dean and his business partner Dan had worked with Nu‑Heat previously neither had yet installed their retrofit underfloor heating solution. However, having been impressed by Nu‑Heat’s service and technical expertise they approached the company regarding the renovation of the bungalow.

“At the very beginning of the renovation we met with Nu‑Heat on site to determine the feasibility of underfloor heating for the project. Their Field Sales Manager introduced us to LoPro®10 and specified it as a solution that would work within the limitations we faced with restricted height build up and my client’s design requirements.”LoPro®10 has been specifically designed by Nu‑Heat to offer a low-height warm water underfloor heating system that can be laid directly on top of both existing concrete and suspended timber floors.
UFH in Bungalow
“The benefit was that we could leave the original floating concrete slabs undisturbed and simply install the pre-routed LoPro® boards and underfloor heating pipework on top with minimal disruption to existing finishes, such as the door frames and skirting boards. “The standard LoPro®10 panel is just 15mm thick making it the lowest wet underfloor heating system currently available for retrofit and it can be run in a similar way to radiators with relatively short heat up and cool down periods, making it simple to control.

Our client had not lived with the luxury of underfloor heating before. However, they now say that they would not consider any other form of heating.

The system comprises a gas condensing boiler, 190m2 of underfloor heating with four manifolds and a 210 litre solar cylinder.

“The underfloor heating gives a really comfortable heat throughout the whole of our property,” says the owner of Brookdene. “The system heats up and cools down quickly which is great; it’s really easy to control. Make A Loft A Home installed the underfloor heating system quickly and with ease, which meant that other work could continue and our renovation project ran smoothly.”
Underfloor heating in Bungalow kitchen
The versatility of LoPro®10 means it can be used for whole-house renovation, in both ground and upper floors – it is also ideal for loft conversions.

With thanks to Make A Loft A Home

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