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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating system design

Nu-Heat creates bespoke system designs that maximise heating performance.

The detailed design process ensures that all of our underfloor heating and renewable solutions effectively and efficiently heat homes. This level of performance can only be achieved by completing a bespoke design for each individual project.

Our thorough design process includes:

  • Room-by-room heat loss calculations
    Each room in a property will experience a different heat loss, which is why Nu-Heat’s Designers calculate heat losses on a room-by-room basis. We consider a number of factors here, including insulation levels, the number of external walls and windows, ceiling height and any rooms above or below as well as ventilation losses.The importance of accurate heat losses should not be underestimated – they enable us to design the underfloor heating to achieve the very best comfort levels.
  • Optimising the system design
    Armed with accurate heat losses, our in-house Designers then look at other key considerations to optimise the system design. This includes the amount of usable floor space in the property, such as in kitchens where there are often units, and the chosen floor coverings that can have a bearing on the heat output of the underfloor heating.
  • Bespoke installation drawings
    All of the above allows the Design Team to create bespoke installation drawings. The spacing of the underfloor heating tube, water flow temperatures and flow rates are all tweaked to match the user’s and property’s requirements. We then provide detailed CAD tube layout drawings, full mechanical and electrical drawings, and set up information to make the installation of the system as straightforward as possible.


We supply the following as standard:

Full room-by-room UFH tube layout drawings detailing

  • Tube centres
  • Tube lengths
  • Boiler sizing
  • System volume
  • Component locations
  • Zones


Comprehensive end user guides

  • Easy to understand user guides are supplied with every system
  • Features and benefits of the system
  • Energy efficiency usage advice


Detailed installation manuals

  • Clear drawings and easy-to-follow installation instructions
  • Supplied in separate sections, making it easy for different trades to reference relevant something
  • Removable A3 CAD and full mechanical and electrical drawings specific to the project


In the hands of experts

Nu-Heat has been designing and supplying warm water underfloor heating systems for coming up to 25 years. Our range of systems are developed in-house to meet specific needs and every project, whether big or small, is overseen by experts from start to finish. When it comes to underfloor heating, you are in the very best hands.

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