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The dramatic interior of this architect refurbished Victorian home in London
Westbourne Grove London property refurbishment - en suite
Westbourne Grove London property refurbishment - gallery
Westbourne Grove London property refurbishment - oak staircase
Westbourne Grove London property refurbishment - shower
The dramatic interior of this architect refurbished Victorian home in London


A combination of underfloor heating types brings together existing floors and a new-build extension in a Victorian four-storey, terraced property.


A bespoke-designed underfloor heating system combining screed ClipTrack® on the ground floor and extension with ClippaPlate® on all the upper floors

A dramatic refurbishment of an imposing Victorian home in London’s Westbourne Grove brings it firmly into the 21st century

Nu-Heat was invited to support the dramatic refurbishment of an imposing Victorian house on the South Side of London’s Westbourne Grove, by designing and supplying underfloor heating for all floors of this family home.

Challenges of a changing brief

Working with an old property, in an historical part of London, many considerations had to be made to ensure that the solution fitted the brief as well as planning requirements. Time of course results in changes, which in this case meant the family grew from two children to an energetic four, adding to alterations in the internal design layout ensuring each had their own space to sleep, to play, to grow.

The underfloor heating (UFH) requirements altered with this change due to a greater area requiring heating coverage, impacting on the initial heat output calculations and manifolds throughout the property.

Luxuries of modern life

Ensuring the original external façade was kept due to its conservation area location, the exciting potential of creating space for this growing family, while ensuring all the luxuries of modern life were fulfilled by a bold solution.

A substantial excavation to extend the property below the pavement was embarked upon, an unusual and huge undertaking resulting in generously proportioned and planned spaces, living and dining areas linked by a double height gallery, and a motorised door opening directly onto a rear courtyard.

Underfloor heating was required on all floors, a challenge with both the various flooring constructions from the original property and the new extension, but an important part of creating an amazing new family home.
The dramatic interior of this architect refurbished Victorian home in London

The solution

The underfloor heating solution, guided by the architectural changes to the entire property and the bespoke design services provided by Nu-Heat, was ClipTrack® in-floor solid screed underfloor heating to the entire lower ground floor, comprising the kitchen, laundry, double-height atrium and family room.

All floors above this were ideally suited to have in-floor joisted underfloor heating in the form of ClippaPlate®, a dry installation system using metal diffuser plates holding the UFH tube installed between the joists from below before the ceilings were reinstated. As this large floor space included three bedrooms, two bathrooms and the living room, using ClippaPlate® allowed trades to continue work without being delayed by screed drying times. The underfloor heating is powered by a central pump, deluxe programmable smart neoStat thermostats and 5 underfloor heating manifolds.

Florentine limestone was used throughout the living spaces and bathrooms, and grey oiled oak in all bedrooms – both are perfect finishes for use over underfloor heating, offering an even warm heat underfoot.

An experienced team

Architect, Russell Jones, adds: “We have worked with Nu-Heat on a number of large and small scale projects, a mix of refurbishments and new builds, and always feel happy to entrust their experienced design team with the necessary product recommendations, heat output calculations and intricate layout designs.”

Knowing that alterations in the architectural design will be taken into consideration by Nu-Heat and that the perfect solution will be provided at the right time gives me complete peace of mind!

Westbourne Grove London property refurbishment - oak staircase

Tailor-made solutions for all properties

Whatever the age, size or construction of your home, chances are it’s suitable for underfloor heating. Whether you’re plotting an extension, tackling a new build or giving your existing home a complete overhaul, Nu-Heat will design your underfloor heating to be the perfect fit.

Call Nu-Heat on 01404 549770 or email info@nu-heat.co.uk to discuss your upcoming projects. You can also view our Underfloor Heating page for more information.

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