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A heat pump solution designed to handle a large heat load, incorporating flexible system controls and full boiler back‑up


A fully integrated solution incorporating a dual 20kW ASHP feeding the UFH, swimming pools and a driveway de‑icing system

Crossacres is a prestigious luxury new build, part of the exclusive Wentworth Estate in Surrey. The property was developed by Octagon and has a total floor area of 1400m2 consisting of 7 bedrooms, 6 receptions rooms, a commercial kitchen, an underground garage with a showroom, and parking for 8 cars as well as indoor and outdoor pools.

The project requirements

Octagon provided Nu-Heat with a very specific brief – they required an efficient heat pump system to handle a large heat load, meeting the needs of their exclusive target market. The solution provided had to:

  • Comfortably deliver a sufficient heat load to the property, including heating the indoor and outdoor pools
  • Offer full boiler back-up
  • Supply the heat load/control to the towel rail circuit
  • Supply the heat loads/control to the domestic hot water circuit
  • Meet the property’s high specification of domestic hot water provision; quick cylinder re-heat times and high flow rates through a high-gain cylinder design
  • Feed the vehicle garage ramp heating for de-icing

The Nu-Heat solution

Nu-Heat’s experienced team of project designers worked with Octagon to create a bespoke heat pump solution that successfully met all of their outlined requirements.

We worked closely with Octagon and their building services team to design a heat pump solution for Crossacres, supplying a fully integrated ASHP system. The solution provided was far removed from any off the shelf packages on the market.

We designed and supplied a Dual 3 phase 2300 20kW NIBE ASHP with automatic pressurisation unit, two 500ltr buffers, a 540ltr DHW cylinder, a driveway de-icing system with bespoke blending valve and heat exchanger assembly together with boiler back-up. The solution also utilises Modbus KNX integration with property home automation software.
UFH project requirements

This is a heating system that gives the homeowner complete, flexible control. It’s everything they could possibly need.

Andrew Butt, Field Sales Manager – Commercial Division
and Gary Dommett, Nu-Heat Technical Account Manager for Crossacres

Bespoke documentation for all operational and maintenance aspects, including the end user handover manuals, were supplied to Octagon to pass on to the homeowner/maintenance team for the property.


NIBE Dual ASHP 2300 20kW

This NIBE ASHP is particularly suited to larger, commercial applications, making it ideal to deliver a sufficient heat load to a project of Crossacres’ size with two pools and a driveway de-icing system.

  • Advanced controller allows for a wide range of system requirements including individual control of multiple swimming pools and boiler back-up
  • Fixed speed compressor for quiet operation
  • USB connection for software updates and detailed data logging
  • NIBE Uplink enables remote access to the heat pump
  • CoP levels among the best on the market and it can operate in temperatures as low as -25°C
  • MCS approved

Specialist UFH controls

Specialist controls

Nu-Heat designed, built and supplied a bespoke centralised control panel for Crossacres, matching the system requirements to simplify the installation. Features included:

  • 10 alarm signal management
  • Functionality to alert maintenance of any errors in any part of the system
  • Ability to isolate and control the plant room switch gear from a single location

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