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Upper floor residential and retail areas - Bespoke, high-performance acoustic solution with minimal floor height build-up and quick installation time.

Ground floor residential areas – Flexible, low-profile UFH solution laid over the existing floor.

Ground floor retail area - High heat output screed UFH.


Upper floor residential and retail areas - ADPK14 (combined UFH and acoustic floating floor solution).

Ground floor residential areas – DPFK14 (low-profile, diffuser plate, UFH solution for existing floors).

Ground floor retail area - SC14 (hand-laid screed UFH)

Luxury Northumberland riverside development creating 25 apartments and a retail space

  • Project location: Coble Quay, Amble, Northumberland
  • Project type: Creation of 25 luxury apartments and one retail space
  • Property value: Each apartment £350,000+
  • Project location: Amble, Northumberland
  • Total UFH area: 3,373m2
  • Contractor: Coble Developments Limited
  • Project schedule: September 2014 – Summer 2017

Project brief

Nu-Heat were tasked with the design and supply of a bespoke underfloor heating (UFH) system for Coble Quay, an exclusive waterside development in Amble, Northumberland. With stunning views across the marina towards Warkworth Castle, the 25 apartments and retail area make the most of their enviable location at the southern gateway to the Northumberland’s Heritage Coastline.

UFH project brief - Coble Quay interior

UFH requirements

  • Low-profile to maintain ceiling height;
  • Deliver a reduction in airborne and impact noise between floors;
  • Fast installation times to meet tight build schedule.

Project solution

ADPK14 for the upper floor residential and retail spaces

Nu-Heat specified and supplied ADPK14 for all the upper floor apartments and retail space, 2,7852 in total. This low-profile, high-performance UFH system uses diffuser panels in an acoustic floating floor that is laid over the existing floor deck. ADPK14 significantly reducing airborne and impact noise between apartments and retail spaces. A flexible, dry solution, ADPK14 was also ideal for Coble Quay’s build schedule as there is no drying time and floor finishes could be fitted immediately after installation.

  • UFH and acoustic performance in a single solution
  • Installed directly over the structural floor deck
  • Fully tailored design incorporating low-profile diffuser panels in an acoustic floating floor
  • Fast heat transfer and high performance heat output
  • Can assist in exceeding Part E requirements when correctly installed as part of an acoustic floor cassette
  • Just 48mm total height build up before the final floor finish
  • Simple, dry solution – floor coverings can be fitted immediately after installation
  • Full design performance indemnity

DPFK14 for the ground floor residential areas

4272 of Nu-Heat’s DPFK14 diffuser plate UFH was specified and supplied for the ground floor apartments at Coble Quay. This low-profile, diffuser panel system consists of extra high density panels which can be easily cut to size to fit the available space and maximise flexibility when laid over an existing structural floor deck.

  • Dry floor construction
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible 14mm FastFlo® tube
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Floor coverings can be fitted immediately

SC14 screed UFH for ground floor retail area

1612 of Nu-Heat’s SC14 screed UFH was specified for the ground floor level retail area of Coble Quay. The system consists of 14mm FastFlo® UFH tube held in place by Cliptrack, topped with a layer of hand-laid sand and cement screed.

  • High heat output
  • Flexible 14mm FastFlo® tube
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Cost-effective solution
Coble Quay marina (c) Coble Developments

System information and project advice

Nu-Heat offers help and support throughout all stages of your UFH and acoustic flooring project. We take pride in designing and delivering bespoke systems that meet exacting project requirements and client demands.

Use our expertise to confidently specify tailored UFH and acoustic solutions that are backed by free, lifetime, technical system support for your client.

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