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Ground source heat pump case study

Over recent years, Dana and Paul have built five houses, their most recent being a real eco accomplishment. The four-bed property, located in Exmouth, Devon, integrates new technology such as a grass roof, rainwater harvesting, ground source heat pump and warm water underfloor heating.

Dana lived in Canada for many years in a property heated by a ground source heat pump and underfloor heating and was waiting for an opportunity to combine the two technologies with other renewable products. The couple came across a plot in Exmouth that was an ideal opportunity to turn their dream of building an eco-friendly home into a reality.

Dana explains:

“Paul will be the first to admit he was apprehensive about integrating underfloor heating with a heat pump, but having experienced it for myself in Canada I knew it was worth fighting for. In fact, I even recruited the help of my mother to persuade Paul as she had also lived with a combined system and was able to confirm the economic savings and how the gentle warmth created by the underfloor heating is so easy to live with.”

“Finally, Paul agreed and that’s when I picked up the phone to contact Nu-Heat. Aside from their reputation, we found two other things really appealing – firstly, they could supply two of the main products we needed, and secondly, our project was located in the same county, which meant we were able to visit their offices.”

Nu-Heat provided a quote based on our plans and we placed an order for both underfloor heating and a ground source heat pump. I have to admit that my experience dealing with the company mirrored that of the friend that recommended them in the first place – very professional, helpful and thorough.

“Having completed several new builds, we have gained a lot of experience dealing with different companies and I have to say, working with Nu-Heat was like a breath of fresh air. The sales team were really fantastic, from beginning to end. Whenever I needed additional information they were happy to answer it fully, which is exactly what was needed when my partner had queries!”

“The other area in which Nu-Heat exceeded all expectations was technical support. The back-up available over the telephone is nothing less than fantastic.”

“We wanted to create an eco-friendly home and accepted we would have to pay extra to get the products needed. Heat pumps are more expensive than traditional boilers, but there was never any doubt in my mind that we would make savings and notice a real difference in our fuel bills – and I was right. In our first winter with the combined heat pump and underfloor heating system we reduced our heating bill by 50% and have calculated that we will have recouped what we invested in around three years – far quicker than we expected.”

Our house has now been featured in several magazines because we were such early adopters of all things ‘green’. I like to think you can have a wonderful home without damaging the planet and, as such, I am now a committed ambassador for both renewable technologies and Nu‑Heat.

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