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Retrofit UFH

Retrofit underfloor heating systems

LoPro® - The ultimate retrofit underfloor heating range

Introducing LoPro® from Nu-Heat, the market-leading underfloor heating range specifically designed for retrofitting into existing properties.

LoPro® retrofit underfloor heating

LoPro is a range of retrofit underfloor heating (UFH) systems suitable for all types of renovation projects.

Each system in the LoPro® range is simply installed over an existing floor and has been developed with ease of installation and optimum performance in mind.

There are three systems in the market-leading LoPro® range, each offering different benefits depending on the project:

  1. LoPro®10 – the original retrofit UFH system. Choose this option for the lowest total height build-up at just 15mm. Floor coverings are fitted directly on top.
  2. LoPro®Max – the highest heat output on the market. Choose this system for a boost in performance. LoPro®Max is well suited to properties or areas with lower levels of insulation or a lot of windows/bi-fold doors.
  3. LoPro®Lite – the super-simple, completely dry option. Choose this system for a lightweight yet strong option that’s ideal for DIY installation.

Super-slim retrofit UFH: LoPro®10

LoPro®10 retrofit underfloor heating

LoPro®10 is the original low profile retrofit UFH system. Developed to make UFH accessible for renovation projects, LoPro®10 is:

  • Super-slim at just 15mm in total
  • Simply installed over an existing floor
  • Well suited to properties with good levels of insulation

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Unbeatable heat output: LoPro®Max

LoPro®Max retrofit underfloor heating

LoPro®Max offers the highest heat output in the LoPro® retrofit underfloor heating range. Developed to effectively heat renovations with higher heat losses, LoPro®Max offers:

  • Maximum heating performance
  • Simple installation and quick drying times
  • Minimal height build-up at 22mm

LoPro®Max is available as a fully-designed system and as a OneZone® kit, suitable for single area refurbs, like a kitchen.

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Versatile and lightweight: LoPro®Lite

LoPro®Lite retrofit underfloor heating

LoPro®Lite is a strong, lightweight retrofit UFH system. Completely dry, with no compound or screed required, and designed for a simple installation, LoPro®Lite is:

  • Easy to fit yourself
  • A great option for ground and upper floors thanks to its weight
  • Low profile at 15mm

LoPro®Lite is available as a fully-designed system and as a OneZone® kit, for single areas.

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