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Nu-Heat is once more exhibiting at Ecobuild, having been absolutely bowled over by the exhibition’s ExCel debut in 2011. The ExCel venue proved to be extremely navigable, and gave plenty of space for many demonstrations of eco-friendly and sustainable products and installations.

Ecobuild offers a great platform for experienced renewables providers like Nu-Heat to talk to a wide range of customers, including installers, architects, specifiers and self-builders about cost-effective, realistic and achievable energy efficient options.

The Nu-Heat Service

  • Specialist design of underfloor heating layouts and heat loss calculations
  • Full on-site installer support
  • Design and integration for communal heating schemes
  • Comprehensive and award-winning installation and user manuals
  • Assistance with queries on Part L and Part E of Building Regulations where underfloor heating or any renewable technology is supplied by Nu-Heat.

2012 is Nu-Heat’s twentieth year in business as a major underfloor heating (UFH) design and supply business. The company began supplying UFH when the founders realised how hard it was to source the system in the UK. Now, of course, UFH has become an accepted heating option and more easily available from different suppliers, though we like to think not many have the experience and development skills of Nu-Heat. The company has a choice of over 60 different floor constructions from solid beam and block to specialist acoustic variations and timber-joisted floors, giving customers the opportunity to specify the best option for a particular project. Nu-Heat’s development team is currently working on a new floor construction that will have a big impact on the retrofit market.

Nu-Heat’s renewables expertise continues to grow as the UK becomes more familiar with the alternative heating technologies. In particular, Nu-Heat has built up a reputation for integrated systems that see UFH working with heat pumps to give an energy efficient system that helps to reach the latest level of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Such systems benefit from the inclusion of solar thermal, a system that is often overlooked but can provide the householder with around 60% of their hot water needs in an average year.

‘Specification standards for new-build homes have significantly changed in recent years, allowing renewable technologies including heat pumps and solar panels together with underfloor heating to make a positive impact on highly insulated properties,’ says Adrian Troop, Nu-Heat’s Sales & Marketing Director.

Nu-Heat has supplied such systems for a number of projects around the country, including Talbot Way, a scheme that is providing 60 homes with mixed property types and tenures built to be environmentally sustainable. The heating system for the 18 private houses incorporates Nu-Heat’s solar thermal for hot water and for the 42 social housing apartments Nu-Heat has designed and supplied an integrated system comprising UFH, air source heat pumps and solar thermal controlled via a series of building management systems. This particular specification meets the CfSH Level 4.

Nu-Heat also supplies rainwater harvesting systems that are capable of replacing 30% to 50% of the mains water consumption, making a significant difference to an average family in terms of water bills where water is metered. The systems are manufactured by Roth, a German company that owns and operates the world’s largest blow-mould machine and uses high molecular weight HDPE and also supplies the panels for Nu-Heat’s solar thermal systems.

The Nu-Heat range of products integrates seamlessly to provide energy efficient heating and hot water systems tailored to the individual needs of a property. With the single point of contact, housebuilders and developers can be saved considerable time and effort. Visit Stand S3630 at Ecobuild to find out more.

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